Childminding is now offered at Vivo Centre!

Have a stress free workout knowing your child’s care needs are being met by our qualified childminding team members!  You are now able to book 2 hour time slots for childcare services while you enjoy a group fitness class or other onsite activity. Plus Vivo members receive 15% off childminding!

*Children 3 months to 12 years of age are welcome to stay and play.

Childminding Schedule

Pricing & Cancellations

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Frequently Asked Questions

Childminding Schedule

Childminding registration is now open with 15% off for Vivo Members! Please note hours are subject to change.


Childminding 2024 Schedule by Vivo™ For Healthier Generations

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Pricing & Cancellations

Members: $11.05 per 2 hour timeslot

Non Members: $13.00 per 2 hour timeslot

No prorating


Cancellation Policy

Families can cancel up to 1 day prior to their booking for a credit on your account. Cancellations within 24 hours will not be refunded.

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Childminding FAQs

Can families drop in without registering on the portal for Childminding?

Drop-in children are accepted if there is space and enough Childminding Attendants to meet ratios

What if my child is older or younger than the age range required?

Generally, if the child is chronologically older we will accept the child especially if the child’s developmental age is adjusted to insure inclusivity. We are unable to accept a child younger than 3 months.

Can parents/guardians run to Starbucks, Superstore or anywhere close by but offsite?

No, parents/guardians must remain onsite it the building at all times. They are free to move between indoor spaces, but have to be able to hear the facility intercom where they are at.

Will the hours always be what they are?

Childminding hours are subject to change and will be adjusting in 2024. Childminding works closely with Fitness and other departments to ensure we meet the high volume of families using the facility.

Is Childminding offered on Statutory holidays?

Childminding monitors attendance and usage on a monthly basis to ensure support of the adult programs offered to the community.

Where can a parent breast feed their child?

Breastfeeding is acceptable anywhere in Vivo.  Should a breast-feeding person wish to have more privacy, we do have a lactation room in the Universal Washrooms in the Indoor Park.  This space is equipped with a change table, comfortable chair and private space.

Can I use my camera to video or take photos within your Childminding facility?

Use of electronic devices to record or photograph members or guests within our facility is restricted when minors are present.  This includes cell phones, Personal Digital Assistants, cameras, and other recording devices.

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