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Strangers Turned Strolling Partners: Friendship Blossoms at the Park

Meet Sukhwinder Kaur and Sarabjit Kaur. Despite similar sounding names they are not long-lost relatives. They are just two peas in a pod who happened to find each other in the heart of Vivo’s Indoor Park!

Originally hailing from India, where the weather is a little warmer, these ladies were in search of a stroll-friendly spot. November in chilly Calgary? No thanks! Slipping on snow is so last season!

Their quest for warmer walks led them to Vivo’s Indoor Park. Fate played matchmaker during a chance encounter in the park, and a random chat quickly turned into a weekly walk together.

Curious why they keep coming back? Sukhwinder loves the park’s sunshine and snow-free paths. Sarabjit is all about the social element. A stroll with chit-chat and a side of new friendships? Count her in!

Their journey demonstrates that Vivo’s Indoor Park is not only getting Calgarians moving, it is also seeding stronger connections within our community – all part of our goal of healthier generations!

The next time you step into the park, be on the lookout for this dynamic duo. And watch out! You might just stumble upon your own walking buddy!

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Keeping Aches at Bay with a Little Vivo Everyday

When joint pain knocked on Raymond Tsu’s door, he decided to make some lifestyle changes. Starting small, he began with walks from his condo on the other side of the pond to Vivo’s Indoor Park.

Walking proved to be a bit of a pain, quite literally. In response, Raymond embraced the slow and deliberate movements of Tai Chi in his walks. What would normally be a quick 15-minute stroll transformed into a slow and meditative journey of more than an hour.

“Sure, I may have looked a bit silly to some,” admits Raymond with a grin, “but that Tai Chi style walking worked wonders for me.”

In the weeks that followed, Raymond’s commitment to this unique exercise regimen paid off. The consistent exercise extended his pain-free intervals.

Today, Raymond has become a regular at Vivo. He has traded his walks for what he playfully dubs ‘Tai Chi Running’—a gentle jog infused with the flowing movements of Tai Chi. The climate controlled Indoor Park is perfect for him to continue his practice during the snowy season without worrying about slipping or having the cold air antagonize his joints.

At Vivo, we’re cultivating healthier generations by encouraging many different paths to healthy, be they gentle or intense, conventional or unconventional. When you donate to our Everybody Plays Program, your generosity ensures absolutely everyone has access to their version of healthy.


A Roaring Success: Vivo's Indoor Park Delights Families and Dinosaurs Alike!


Our unique Indoor Park is earning cheers from users of all ages and backgrounds – even dinosaurs! For Oliver and little sister Clio, new members at Vivo, it’s a magical place to explore and use their imaginations, without worrying about Calgary’s wild weather.

The family was introduced to the park after Oliver visited with his classmates at Vivo’s preschool as part of their daily hour of active play. Oliver was captivated by his experience and came home with rave reviews.  Inspired by his enthusiasm, the whole family decided to investigate.

“My husband owns his own company, so this has been perfect for us. He can take a call or meeting in the park while watching the kids play. It gets us all out of the house and lets the kids burn off energy,” says Oliver’s mom Katie.

Every park visit brings a new adventure. Busy days mean playtime running around with other kids, while quiet moments grant Oliver uninterrupted use of the giant blue building blocks for creative structures like his latest masterpiece, a dinosaur cave! Asked his opinion on the park, Oliver had only this to say: “Rawr, I’m a dinosaur!”

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