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Vivo is more than 4 letters… It’s a vision. It’s a mission. It’s a lifestyle. It’s an impact.

At Vivo we’re on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond. We want Canadians of all ages to achieve their optimal health wherever they choose to live, work and play. We’re extending our reach beyond the walls to the broader community locally, nationally and internationally by charting a course to make bold shifts – shifts in policy, values, attitudes and behaviours about healthy living.

With the support of new programs and exciting future spaces created with and for the community, their success stories will be proof of our mission in action. They’ll serve as powerful motivation for others, in Calgary and across the nation, to make their own changes for life.

Join us as we collaborate with Canada’s brightest minds and lead the charge against physical inactivity and sedentary behaviour, a national challenge that impacts us all. Together we can shift and reshape our communities into vibrant places where Raising Healthier Generations is a natural way of living for all.

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Vivo FAQ’s

What are the protocols when I visit Vivo now? We developed some new protocols around visiting Vivo to ensure you know what to expect and...

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National Child Day

National Child Day is celebrated in Canada on November 20th in recognition of our commitment to upholding children and youth’s rights and keeping them safe,...

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Thank You For Your Service

NOV. 12-15: FREE ADMISSION TO THE POOL FOR VETERANS* + ONE GUEST To honour those who have served and to show our appreciation, we are...

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Expansion Project

Room for Play

Vivo is working and thinking differently by:

  • Co-creating supportive built environments with the community that are a catalyst for saving lives, reducing sedentary behaviour, increasing civic engagement and fostering innovation.
  • Fostering environments that are holistic, open, inviting, integrated, collaborative, interactive, multi-generational and anchored in social connections.

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