Accessibility & Inclusion

At Vivo we believe we all deserve to be part of the story of healthier generations. And we know a one size fits all approach doesn’t work for every body. We’ve worked hard to create spaces and programs for everyone to enjoy, regardless of their skills or abilities. But we know we can always do better.  

We see every day as a new chance to embrace our differences, learn and grow. We’ve summarized below some of the ways we’re working to remove barriers to healthier living but if you see ways to make Vivo more accessible and inclusive, please reach out to us at

Planning Your Visit:

During Your Visiting:

Planning Your Visit

Affordability Options

At Vivo we are committed to ensuring access for all. Click below to learn more about affordability options that help reduce financial barriers.

Fee Assistance

Parking & Entering

You’ll find complimentary  parking in both our East and West Lots, including accessible and parent parking. These spots offer widened stalls and are conveniently located close to curb cuts and entrances.

Dedicated barrier free parking stalls, widened crosswalks and sidewalks along with drop off zones and curb cuts and fully automated sliding doors translate to smooth sailing to get inside our building.  

We also have electric car charging stations conveniently located in our West Parking Lot.

Exterior of Vivo at sunrise.

Service Animals

We recognize the vital importance of service dogs to their handlers. We warmly welcome registered service dogs. Service dogs must be appropriately indicated as a working dog (ie. harness or tags) to enter Vivo.   

Unfortunately, due to health & safety concerns, service dogs are not permitted in the pool.  While they are welcome in the pool viewing area, they must be accompanied at all times, including while their handler swims.


You’ll find Accessible and Parent parking in both our East and West Lots. These spots offer widened stalls and are conveniently located close to curb cuts and entrances.  

Public Transit
We located just two short blocks from the North Point bus terminal. The 86, 114, 123, 124 and 142 bus routes will all drop you off within a block of us.  

Regional Pathways
You don’t need a car to get to Vivo. We’re easy to access from the regional pathway system, which helps our guests choose active travel a part of their health journey.  

Bike Racks
Bike racks are located at the West Entrance of Vivo Centre. Please note, bicycles cannot be left overnight.

During Your Visit

Aquatics Centre

Play Pool  

Our Play Pool features beach style entry, so you can join the fun from a wheelchair, with a walker or another assistive device.  

Accessible Lane Pool  

We know swimming and water therapy are some of the best activities for folks using assistive devices. To ensure everyone can participate, our new pool features a wheelchair ramp.  

Thanks to funding from Calgary Adapted Hub, we also offer a pool lift for those not able to use a water wheelchair. Adult and youth sized water wheelchairs are available at no cost, along with accessible hand bikes and a water walking assistant. Water wheelchairs are available on the pool deck on a first come, first served basis.   

Steam Room and Sauna 

An accessible steam room, sauna and fireside gathering area complement the pools and promote wellness beyond swimming. The steam room and sauna both feature a 1,500 mm turning radius and grab bars help with transfers from wheelchairs to seating surfaces.  

Community Rooms

Our community & meeting rooms come in all shapes and sizes. They offer barrier free access, flexible furnishings to accommodate different types of bodies and abilities, and have live stream capabilities for folks who find it easier to participate from afar.   

The one exception is our smallest meeting space, The Touchstone. This room has fixed furnishings and limited space to maneuver.  

Fitness Centre

Accessible Fitness Equipment 

We’ve set up exercise equipment that could reasonably be used by a person in a wheelchair on a barrier free path of travel in the fitness centre. We’ve also left clear floor space of at least 920 mm x 1,220 mm beside the accessible equipment so you’ve got room to flex and grow!  

A raised exercise platform is available as an alternative to stretching on the floor for users with reduced mobility. 

Indoor Park  

This unique, open, multi-use space was designed to offer barrier free walking and socializing space in any weather, so smoky skies, slippery sidewalks and rollercoasting temperatures don’t stop you. Even the jungle gym has accessible attachments to ensure everyone can hang out.  

Navigation Within Vivo Centre

Welcome Desk
A digital display and an accessible counter height allows direct access to paid programming for folks using assistive devices. Our barrier free security gates are 950 mm wide for universal access.  

High contrast signage with braille and easy to recognize icons will have you navigating through Vivo like a pro, regardless of your first language, reading level or vision levels. 

Transferring Between Floors
It’s your choice! You can ‘ramp up’ your heartrate on the main ramp or save the sweating for your workout and use our 6.75 foot by 5.45 foot elevator instead.  

Accessible Programs 
Vivo partners with a number of organizations that offer accessible programming.  Calgary Power Hockey offers an adaptive hockey program for participants 12 years or older who require an electric wheelchair for daily mobility.  The Autism Aspergers Friendship Society offers adaptive lacrosse and rugby. Email to learn more about current offerings.  

First Aid and CPR Training
To help keep Vivo a safe and healthy place for every body, we ensure all staff have Standard First Aid and CPR training before they start work with us. Then we pay for staff to get re-certified every two years so those skills don’t get rusty.   

Personal Care Facilities

*Please note, in addition to the facilities listed below, Vivo Centre has allocated mens and womens washrooms in the centre for guests.

Gender Neutral Washrooms
Everyone deserves access to good health. Located off our Indoor Park and pool, our Gender Neutral Washrooms are for everyone, regardless of age, gender, race, religion and ability. 

Universal Washrooms
Universal washrooms are located throughout the building at the following locations: the Indoor Park, at the Fitness Centre, the Aquatic Centre and beside the Cafe.  Roll under trough sinks and a wide circulation path leave plenty of room to navigate with strollers, wheelchairs or walkers.  They are each equipped with tactile signage, accessible doors, horizontal and angled grab bars and a call button. And of course, all washroom accessories are mounted at accessible heights and clearances.  

Universal Changerooms
Getting ready for your workout shouldn’t be a hassle. Individual change and shower rooms ensure family members or caregivers of the opposite gender can provide assistance with dignity. Roll under trough sinks and a wide circulation path leave lots of room to maneuver. A lift and adult-sized change table add convenience. This changeroom is also a welcoming place for guests who prefer an alternative to our gender-specific changerooms.

Nursing Room & Breastfeeding
Vivo is a breastfeeding-friendly facility. Nursing is welcomed throughout our spaces. If you prefer a quieter, more private setting, you have the option of using our Nursing Room. Located in the Universal Changeroom adjacent to the Fitness Centre, it’s equipped with a comfortable chair, a sink and plenty of space for stroller and diaper bags. We also include a few toys to amuse older brothers or sisters while they wait.  

Outdoor Playground

Through a partnership with The City of Calgary, the Parks Foundation, Creating Coventry, North Calgary Cultural Association (NCCA) and VIVO, a brand new, fully fenced Inclusive playground  and accompanying gathering space is now open in the community of Country Hills Village.

Outside of Vivo, the inclusive playground offers kids of all abilities the chance to play together. The playground’s universal design , aand unique equipment like the inclusive swingset make it easy to participate from a wheelchair.

Design features include:

  • Designed to be inclusive and accessible for children of all abilities aged 2-12
  • Includes playground equipment from Little Tikes Commercial, an industry leader who focuses on child development and inclusivity.
  • Equipment highlights including Together Glider, Quiet Grove, ADA Ladybug, Gear Panel, Roller Slide, Surface Spinner and Inclusive Swing Seat.
  • Coloured pathway in surfacing creating a visual safe zone and a fun track for children to play on
  • A gathering space with accessible tables, benches, shelter and a BBQ

Sensory Time

Vivo Centre has dedicated Sensory Time from Monday to Thursday, between the hours of 1 PM and 3 PM. These designated times aim to create a more comfortable environment for individuals with sensory sensitivities.

Key highlights include:

  • Available from Monday to Thursday, between 1 PM and 3 PM.
  • Enjoy sensory-friendly environments in various public spaces, including the indoor park, fitness center, eclipse studio, arena, and aquatics (lane pool will be limited).
  • Each room or location will operate at 50% of its maximum capacity. We will ensure lower volume or no music, control or dim lights where possible, and maintain safety without compromise.
  • A specially designed Sensory Room will be available for patrons experiencing sensory overload. The room will feature limited to no light, yoga mats and chairs, and noise-canceling headphones for complete quiet. *Available every Monday to Thursday from 1:00 – 3:00 PM  – for access to our Sensory Room please visit Guest Services.
  • Sensory backpacks are available to rent with a refundable $10 deposit at our guest services desk! These backpacks are filled with tools designed to help children with self-regulation difficulties navigate new experiences and overwhelming feelings.
  • Available sensory drop-in classes and programs will be posted on the Drop-In Schedule.
  • Admission is included in all memberships! Non-members can access Sensory Time with drop-in admission, ensuring accessibility for everyone.
  • Sensory Time will not be in effect during statutory holidays, PD (Professional Development) Days, and Spring Break. Please check our website for all schedule updates.
Check the drop-in schedule for available Sensory Programs

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