A Commitment to a Greener Future

Our mission is not just to create a space for healthier living but also to ensure that we do so in a way that preserves the environment for future generations. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

LEED Gold Certification & Energy Efficiency

Our expansion maintains Vivo’s certification as a LEED Gold facility. This not only showcases our dedication to sustainable building practices but also helps us minimize our impact on the world. We’ve achieved a remarkable 40% reduction in energy usage compared to similar facilities, significantly reducing our carbon footprint.

Vivo Centre's Sustainability Report

Harnessing Solar Power

Thanks to 366 solar panels, we harness the power of the sun, generating clean energy that powers 27% of our facility. To put this into perspective, these solar panels produce enough energy to drive a Tesla Model 5 around the Earth 30 times in a year. By investing in renewable energy, we’re reducing our reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.

Water Conservation

Our commitment to sustainability extends to water conservation. The new pool in our facility uses a staggering 95% less water than other similar-sized pools. This significant reduction in water usage helps preserve this precious resource for our community and beyond.

Resilient Architecture & Landscaping

Alberta’s climate can be demanding, but Vivo is prepared. Our building envelope is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, from storms to heatwaves, ensuring the longevity of our facility. Additionally, we’ve incorporated native and drought-resistant plants in our outdoor spaces, promoting biodiversity and conserving water.

Connecting with Nature

We understand the healing power of nature. Vivo’s indoor park features ample natural light, with windows and skylights designed to connect our members with the outdoors. The lighting in the park follows a circadian rhythm, mimicking the natural progression of daylight from sunrise to sunset. It’s our way of letting Mother Nature work her magic on the wellness of our community.

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