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Your donations to Vivo’s subsidy, Everybody Plays will be matched up to 50% from now until August 31st!

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Create a legacy of healthier generations!

Donate today. Your generosity transforms lives by removing barriers to healthy living.

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Why Donate?

Statistics paint a compelling picture: only 16% of adults and 9% of children and youth meet Canada’s Physical Activity Guidelines. Without social connection and regular exercise, the risks of heart disease, diabetes, anxiety and depression skyrocket.

Together, we can change this story and build a healthier, more connected community.

At Vivo, we work alongside Calgarians to co-create spaces and programs that get people moving and fostering connections with neighbors and nature. Your support is key to ensuring no one is left behind.


Ensure Access for All. Donate to our Everybody Plays Campaign!

Your kindness has the power to ensure we identify and break down barriers to healthy living. Your support will:

  • Overcome growing income barriers through membership and program subsidies.
  • Advance youth development programs so they are empowered with the confidence and skills to thrive, and we can meaningfully engage the next generation in healthy living.
  • Sustain our work researching and demonstrating how thoughtfully designed and activated public spaces can support healthy living.
When it comes to getting healthy, small changes add up to big impact. Likewise, every gift, no matter the size, makes a meaningful difference in the lives of Calgarians.

Ways To Give

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Give now for immediate impact. Your donation breaks down barriers to a healthier, more connected community.

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Small ripples can create mighty waves. Monthly gifts ensure everyone can access healthy living.

Stocks and Securities

Donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds, and you invest in a healthier community for generations to come.
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Your Impact

Your charitable gift transforms lives! Learn how, with your help, Vivo makes a meaningful impact in the lives of your fellow Calgarians.

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Donate Today

Reach out to 403.532.1013 or donate@vivo.ca to explore what other donation and sponsorship options are possible.

Vivo for Healthier Generations Society is a registered healthy living charity (#88308 2117 RR0001) located at 11950 Country Village Link NE. All donations are directed to healthy living projects delivered by Vivo. Vivo is planning to raise an estimated $4.5 million, with an estimated annual cost to raise those funds of $85,000 per year.

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