About us

Vivo’s purpose is to live for healthier generations.

Our Mission as a charity is to inspire a wholistic mindset for healthy living.

We envision a world where individuals and communities ignite change to shape healthier generations.


Growth Mindset
We shoot for the stars and put our hearts on the line with a healthy attitude. We embrace change, draw wisdom from every experience good or bad, and take bold action to live our truth and best serve the community.

We are all different and believe in the power of inclusion by being empathetic, cultivating trustworthy relationships and working together for the greater good.

We strive for balance in mind, body and soul to be the change in ourselves and for others. We work every day to make Vivo a safe place for every body.

A fitness instructor teaching a class of children to dance.

Diversity & Inclusion

Vivo is a leader; exploring shoulder to shoulder with community to co-create healthier generations. We believe that everyone has the right to play, to learn and to participate in their wellness. Our Centre was built so that everyone, regardless of age, ability or background is welcome.

  • Vivo’s actions are guided by respect for diversity, a growth mindset and the pursuit of physical, mental and social wellbeing
  • Vivo is vibrant and playful, curious and imaginative
  • Vivo is welcoming, understanding, thoughtful and kind
  • Vivo is purpose driven. We are courageous and value authenticity

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