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The Vivo Play Project is a four-year social innovation and community lab working collaboratively with our community to find unique, effective, and long-lasting solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our communities. A primary focus of the Play Project is to introduce families to unstructured play, educate them on its value, and ultimately increase participation in loose parts play to help create healthier generations.

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What We Did

Our mission was to get kids in North Central Calgary outside and moving through unstructured play AND we did.

Let’s Talk Loose Parts – Fundamental to unstructured play are loose parts—random items like tape and tarps, buckets and bolts. Without structure or instructions, these items (paired with imagination) let kids make absolutely anything—including memories, mistakes, and magical moments.

Let’s Play – To make it easy for your family to get out and get moving, we have brought a teeny-tiny bit of structure to unstructured play through Vivo Play Hubs (popping up in your community) and Loose Parts Play Kits (which you can rent and take home).

Play Hubs: Mindful Playgrounds

What do you get when you combine a community park, a shipping container full of loose parts, and a bunch of kids brimming with imagination? The answer: a Vivo Play Hub, and a ton of fun!

Play Hubs are community gathering spaces in public parks where kids can learn to play in stimulating new ways. Packed with Loose Parts and staffed by Play Ambassadors, Play Hubs are free to use and designed to challenge kids to take little risks, engage their imagination, and build a sense of belonging.

The result: kids who are more creative, resilient, and active!

Loose Parts Play - A New Way To Play

Loose Parts Play combines ordinary items with imagination to create extraordinary play experiences. To bring Loose Parts Play to life for kids all across our community, we’ve created Loose Parts Play Kits.

Packed full of items to spark imagination, Loose Parts Play Kits encourage kids to play in any way they like, anywhere they like. They come in two sizes, and for everyone’s safety, each kit is cleaned and isolated for at least 72-hours after use.


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