Expansion Project

Centre for Healthier Generations Expansion Project

Vivo means ‘live’ in Latin. Vivo embraces and celebrates diversity, community and the common thread that unites us all – life.

Vivo is more than just a Calgary recreation facility. Vivo is a movement – a cause committed to inspiring Canadians of all generations to achieve their optimal health whether they’re at home, school, work, play, in the community or at the facility.

Vivo is working and thinking differently by:

  • Co-creating supportive built environments with the community that are a catalyst for saving lives, reducing sedentary behaviour, increasing civic engagement and fostering innovation.
  • Fostering environments that are holistic, open, inviting, integrated, collaborative, interactive, multi-generational and anchored in social connections.

Challenging how we think about and use community facilities Vivo is designing spaces that have purposeful flow and connection, and are modern, flexible, and fluid and engage the outdoors. Integrating Eastern philosophy elements throughout the facility will unite all ages, abilities and cultures and the overall design will serve as a role model for healthy living leadership.

The current project program will expand the existing facility by approximately 50% and includes more aquatic and fitness centre facilities, new or renovated change areas, more specialized areas and highly innovative, research-based spaces such an indoor park and courtyard to be used as spontaneous, community or programmed space.

Vivo is on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond.  Everything the organization does, including the expansion, is anchored in this vision. While maintaining its focus on recreation and adding an emphasis on education and innovation, Vivo seeks to extend its reach beyond the walls to the broader community supporting individuals, families, communities and organizations to take responsibility for their own health and activity levels.

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We have confirmed funding from The Government of Alberta, The City of Calgary and The Government of Canada!

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