Expansion FAQ’s

Expansion- Pre- Construction TOP FAQ’s

March 16, 2021

Why is Vivo expanding?

We’re expanding now to ensure that Vivo keeps pace with the growing, diverse and changing community. We started planning this expansion ten years ago. We heard and recognized:

  • Individuals, families and groups love coming to Vivo because it’s welcoming with great experiences and spaces and a broad range of services as well as friendly and caring staff.
  • More residents were using the centre, programs and services at an increasing rate and that to meet that demand we need a larger building.
  • A growing need for different kinds of experiences and spaces to service the broader community’s need for more inclusive, accessible and sustainable reflecting the nature and outdoors, social connection, mindfulness and balance, spontaneous play, community resilience and physical activity and nutrition.

How much does the Expansion Project Cost?

Our expansion project has a $62 million capital campaign goal. We’re 90% there!

Funding for Vivo’s expansion project is provided in part by the Government of Canada, Province of Alberta, City of Calgary and Calgary Foundation.

On April 27, 2021, we’re launching are All In for Community Campaign and Virtual Ground Breaking Event with partners, funders and the community to raise the last $6.5 million.

What is included in the Expansion Project?

We’re adding 135,000 square feet of new and renovated space uniting all ages, abilities and cultures in stronger physical, social and emotional health including:


New space


A First-of-its-Kind Indoor Park  A literal moving indoors of an outdoor park space. This will give our seniors a place to walk, a young mom a place to take a break and read a book and our diverse community a place for cultural celebrations of all kinds.
Life skills in a NEW Lane Pool

This 6 lane – 25 metre pool will eliminate the large (over 1,000 children) swim lesson waitlists each session and the gradual entry makes it accessible for all. The sauna, steam room, and fireplace will be a suburban spa experience for all ages.

Connect  in 4 NEW Community Rooms

These rooms will be places you can celebrate life’s moments, big and small. Spaces to host events/meetings for up to 150 people. Support two of our volunteer-run seniors groups to stop wait-listing seniors for their programs due to lack of space.

Research & Innovation Lab

Vivo is a national leader in social research and innovation. These spaces will help community leaders identify common challenges, work together towards a solution, measure their success and capture their learnings.

60%‘ Larger Fitness Centre This expansion will focus on fitness for life and building healthy habits.  It will create an environment that encourages and celebrates the social aspects of fitness and group training while also providing experiences that encourage quiet time, meditation and relaxation.
Gather outside in the community hug and outdoor plaza

A town square for the community – An outdoor space to hang out, meet up and gather in small and large groups and host events.

When is the expansion project timeline?

Vivo’s expansion project will start construction in April 2021, be completed in 18-20 months and will be open to the public in first part of 2023. The first things you’ll see are:

  • Fencing and putting trailers onsite as well as installing stations for COVID protocols such as health checks
  • Installation of temporary walkways at the East Entrance with Arenas
  • Creating a new loading dock and waste/recycling on the North Side of the building
  • Removing the Guest Services desk at the bottom of the ramp for more fitness space
  • Temporary closure of the pool during the last week of April to brace and shore up the exterior wall
  • Our ‘All In for Community Campaign and Virtual Ground-breaking Event’ is scheduled for April 27 @10am

Will Vivo be open during Construction?

We are creating a ‘Continuous Service’ plan during both COVID-19 and Construction based on what’s safe, feasible and financially sustainable.

Any known major and controlled disruptions because of construction will be communicated in advance. Uncontrolled disruptions that may result in ‘real’ time closure or cancellations of programs or services will be communicated right away to employees, members, guests and the community.

What happens to my membership during Construction?

Currently, memberships are temporarily ‘paused’ because of COVID-19 and the latest provincial health measures.

We will continue to assess what the membership offering looks like during COVID-19 and Construction.

Where do I park during Construction?

You’ll be able to park in both the West Entrance and part of the East Entrance during construction. The West Parking lot will be used to access fitness, pool, gymnasiums, meeting rooms all programs and services and drop-in activities except skating. The East Parking lot will be used for arena users for sport groups, skate lessons and public skating as well as Panther Sports Medicine clients and Vivo Staff.

If there are any changes to parking you will be notified in advance.

What is the 135,000 square feet of new and renovated space comprised of?

Vivo Expansion Project – 135,000 square feet of new and renovated space

  • 117,000 square feet new and renovated indoor space
    • 71,500 square feet new space
    • 45,500 square feet renovated space
  • 18,000 square feet outdoor community and event space
    • 3,000 square feet renovated outdoor space at childminding
    • Community ‘Hug’ Plaza: 8,000 sq ft (new)
    • South East Parking Plaza: 7,000 sq ft (new)

How big will the Vivo Centre be after construction?

The Vivo Centre is 190,500 square feet today and after construction it will be 262,000 square feet. We are expanding the existing building by 40% and renovating existing spaces by 25%.

Where do I go to learn more about Vivo's Expansion Project and Construction?

We’ll be communicating about Construction in a number of ways for you including:

  • Main Website – What’s open to do a Vivo while we’re under construction during health restrictions
  • Social Media: @vivoyourlife for daily alerts
  • Press #4 for Construction Updates– on the phone system
  • Questions and Suggestions: email expansion@vivo.ca
  • E-newsletter: regular project updates
  • Mid to Late April – Text Messaging for ‘real time’ alerts like cancellation and closures of programs or areas