Vivo's New Fitness Centre

After years in the making, we are thrilled to introduce the first phase of our 135,000 square foot expansion that will unite all ages, abilities and cultures.

Summit Studio: Your NEW cycling destination!

Does your workout include a disco ball, great music, and an energetic instructor? It does now! We are so excited to reveal the first of many boutique fitness experience to come; Vivo’s Summit Studio.

The Summit Studio is equipped with all new Technogym bikes! Join us for group music video, disco and techo cycling classes.

We welcome you to join our new group cycling classes, located within our new fitness space. Drop-in or members can register early to snag your bike! Classes are limited to 24 members!

Technogym Partnership!

Technogym sets the world standard in user friendly wellness equipment. Here are some more reasons why Vivo chose Technogym equipment for our community:

  • Multi-language capability
  • High contrast for accessibility
  • Track your wellness goals
  • Take classes even when you’re not at Vivo
  • Technogym uses equipment that is 95% renewable material, self-powered or that self-generates energy

Vivo’s MyWellness App

As a Vivo member you automatically get access to our fitness app to help you achieve superior results faster! Watch the video.

Here are more benenits of the MyWellness App:

  • Adaptive workouts in Vivo, at home or anywhere you prefer!
  • Track your wellness goals with the app for all levels of ability
  • Learn how to use the cardio and strength equipment
  • Change the language and accessible features of the equipment
  • Link your Strava, Netflix and wearable device to your workout
  • Over 1000 workouts including equipment and bodyweight exerc

Learn How To Connect

  1. Download the MyWellness App from Google Play or the App Store.
  2. Once downloaded visit the MyWellness app and create an account.
  3. Enter your height and weight.
  4. Set your preferences.
  5. Once prompted, scan our facility access code on the poster show.
  6. Accept Vivo’s terms & conditions to start training!
  7. Go to the MyWellness homepage on the app and click the QR symbol in the top right corner.
  8. Scan any piece of equipment for instructions on how to use it and start tracking your progress!
  9. Explore our online Class Collection you can use for training at home or at Vivo.
  10. Measure your daily activity in the Results tab.

Universal Changerooms

Part of our All-In For Community promise for this expansion was to design spacesthat will unite all ages, abilities and cultures. The City of Calgary’s Advisory Committee on Accessibility has assisted Vivo with creating spaces that will be accessible for individuals of all physical, sensory and visual capabilities. Accessibility highlights are included below.  Detailed accessibility features can be found here.

What to expect:

  1. Changerooms, showers and washrooms are part of the new Fitness Centre.
  2. Universal and private washrooms
  3. Self-contained changerooms and showers
  4. Universal changerooms and showers
  5. Accessible lockers
  6. Needle disposals
  7. Wallet lockers

(Please bring a lock to secure your belongings or locks can be purchased at Guest Services)

Don’t Forget to Bring…

  • Lock for changeroom lockers
  • Towel for your workout & shower
  • Headphones
  • Water bottle
  • Personal care items such as deodorant, body wash, shampoo etc.

If you’re planning on visiting the Fitness Centre, please remember to bring the following personal items:

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