Nutrition Month Offer: Fresh Kitchen Coupons!

Posted March 14 2024

In celebration of Nutrition Month, we’re delighted to extend a special offer from Fresh Kitchen inside Vivo Centre to all our valued guests! We believe in nourishing both body and soul with wholesome, delicious options that support your wellness journey.

Exclusive Coupons for You:

🌟 $1 OFF Coffee, Gelato & Smoothies Coupon: Indulge in a refreshing and energizing smoothie or sip on a comforting cup of coffee, all crafted with care to complement your healthy lifestyle.

🌟 $10 OFF Homemade Takeaway Coupon: Enjoy the convenience of a homemade meal prepared with fresh, nutritious ingredients. Take the goodness of Fresh Kitchen home with you and savor every bite guilt-free.

Click on the links download your coupons! Whether you’re stopping by for a quick pick-me-up or planning a wholesome meal to go, Fresh Kitchen is here to enhance your experience at Vivo Centre.

Fresh Kitchen Coupon (Coffee, Gelato, Smoothies)

Fresh Kitchen Coupon (Homemade Takeaway)

Offers valid for a limited time only.

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