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Vivo’s Research Hub

Shifting Habits, Pioneering New Solutions & Raising Healthier Generations.

We’re doing research in a whole new way by putting people at the centre.

The Research and Innovation team co-creates, implements, measures and scales local solutions to everyday health challenges people face in their communities. And we’re not stopping there. With the help of our neighbours, community leaders, developers, and city-wide partners, Vivo has established a living lab for healthier generations that extends far beyond our walls. The result? A movement that ignites a curiosity for learning, courage to explore, and strong community connections built through play.

Together, we can build stronger communities that bring us closer together through healthy, vibrant lifestyles.

Our Projects


Generation Healthy – Gen H – is a movement led by people young and old, united by one purpose – to become a truly healthier generation. By advocating for their own health, we believe Canadians of all ages can achieve their optimal health wherever they choose to live, work, and play.

The 10 Year Healthy Lifestyle Plan

Our work is focused in north-central Calgary on upstream solutions for children, youth and families. This includes three buckets of work:


Gen H Lifestyle
How do you want to live? The choice is yours, and over the next ten years we will co-create a new lifestyle model – together! The Gen H Lifestyle will integrate healthier choices and social connection into everyday life, and it will be guided by your choices to make the most out of life.

We have all determined that we want to have a more active role in designing our healthy lifestyles. Families across the city are making the choice to join Gen H by participating in innovative lifestyle practices like the 4in1 Physical Literacy Program and Healthy Living School.


Gen H Lifestyle
How do you connect? With a lack of free play in our neighbourhoods, social connection and family health are decreasing. Starting in November 2018, we will be dedicating four years to exploring local play solutions with citizens across home, school, work, and neighbourhood environments to increase social connection and outdoor play in suburban Calgary.

The Gen H Play project is built on the success of our Play Ambassadors program that began in 2012. Together with the community we have been working to bring free play to life ever since.


Complete Communities
How can we work together to build communities where we all thrive? During this ten year project Vivo will bring together citizens, community leaders, a diverse group of experts, funders, local businesses and government to develop a common agenda that reimagines what a complete community looks like. We will explore, co-create, test, measure and share solutions to make shifts that influence new perspectives and decision making at a local government and institution level.

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