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Vivo is a charity on a mission to raise healthier generations

These times are uncertain. Vivo is a place of certainty where the community can build the resilience it needs for these times and the future.

Whether at Vivo, online or in the community, we’re grateful that generous donors like you are right there with us ensuring your community is a healthier, happier and more connected place.

There are five ways that you can show you care.

1. Give To Expansion

Vivo will begin construction later in 2021 on a nearly 100,000 square foot expansion that will see a lane pool, indoor park, expanded fitness centre and multiple community meeting and event spaces added to our existing community centre. These spaces will be inclusive, accessible and sustainable, ensuring that everyone can see themselves connecting and playing in community centres like Vivo.

We have already raised $55.5M for this project, mainly from the three government levels, and have $6.5M left to raise. The All In for Community Campaign is our commitment to working alongside the community to raise these funds. Your donation can help us run this final leg.

Learn More about All In for Community the campaign to raise funds for this expansion.

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2. Support Vivo General Operations

By donating to Vivo general operations, you can ensure that your donation goes to where the community needs it most. From special innovation projects to keeping the lights on for all visitors at Vivo, your generosity will ensure that Vivo can respond to support the community to be healthier and more connected.

If you are able, you can join this effort by making a donation of credits on your account or becoming a one-time or monthly donor to Vivo.

You will receive a charitable tax receipt for your donation.  

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3. Donate Your Credits

Do you have a credit on your account? You can donate your credit to your choice of Vivo campaigns from above.

Any customer who donates credits will receive a tax receipt, which translates into a 25-50% tax credit, depending on the donation amount.

They can also email if they aren’t able to fill out the form. GS will convert the credits into donations, and Philanthropy will issue the thank you and tax receipt.

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4. Give To The Play Project

You can support more free outdoor play throughout north-central Calgary at community play hubs and events throughout the community.

Learn more about the Play Project

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5. Give to Membership and Program Subsidy 

Vivo provides subsidies for membership and programs to individuals and families who have financial challenges.

We currently have over 600 individuals who utilize subsidized memberships at Vivo, and we think this number could grow in the future. You can help ensure that opportunities to be active and learn new skills are accessible for everyone in our community.

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Were you interested in supporting something else at Vivo through your donation? Reach out to Vivo’s Philanthropy Staff at to discuss where you would like to direct your donation.

Vivo for Healthier Generations is a registered charity through Canada Revenue Agency #88308 2117 RR0001.