“We chose the location of our home, in part, because of its proximity to a facility like Vivo. It is an important part of our lives as it is a space for fitness activities, special events and celebrations. The facility greatly contributes to our sense of community and it has had a tremendously positive impact on our lives. Our family values include a commitment to giving back to the community in which we live and each year, we choose an organization we view as worthy of our largest charitable contribution. We are inspired by the energy and pure joy of the staff, volunteers and families at Vivo and have chosen to donate to them for the next several years. Donating to Vivo has benefits for our entire community and we can’t thank of a better reason to give.” – Vivo Donor

  • Erik’s Story

    Go fly a kite! No, we really mean it. Flying... More

    Go fly a kite! No, we really mean it. Flying a kite is a creative way to spend playtime with loved ones while connecting with nature at the same time. These are the types of activities that the Play Ambassadors facilitate in parks, at community events and within the walls at Vivo.

    Teaching families that with ingenuity, some simple household objects and a commitment of time, they can create hours of memories filled with fun and laughter.

    Before his session with the Play Ambassadors, 6-year old Erik had never had the opportunity to try kite flying. His whole family couldn’t help being drawn into his joy and wonder as Erik gleefully grabbed his self-made prize with satisfaction and began to run back and forth with the colourful tale flying merrily behind him and a wide grin on his face.

  • Tanya’s Story

    We all know intellectually what we need to do to... More

    We all know intellectually what we need to do to get healthy and live better; however, it takes a fair amount of courage to take that first step and a fair amount of fortitude to keep it up.

    This was the trepidation Tanya felt when she started her journey toward health and happiness… but then she found Zumba! Invigorated by the atmosphere of the class, and the energy and support of her fellow participants, Tanya began to see changes in her body and more importantly, changes in her outlook and attitude. Equipped with a new found confidence and zest for living, Tanya easily surpassed her initial activity goals and discovered a whole new ‘her’.

    Now training for her Zumba instructor’s certification, Tanya aims to someday provide the same motivation and inspiration to others looking to enrich their life experience and find their joy.

  • Tanner’s Story

    Tanner, a local Calgary high school student, has always been... More

    Tanner, a local Calgary high school student, has always been intrigued by the science of videography and the art of movie making; enthusiastically embracing school video projects when assigned. So when Vivo announced a Youth Video Contest last summer, Tanner, along with his friend Ryan were keen to enter his work, never dreaming how far that adventure would take him. “It was a lot of hard work, but totally worth it. Even more than I realized at the time.”

    Tanner not only won the video contest with his exceptional commitment and eye for detail, he landed his first “real” job as a professional videographer. The team at Vivo were so impressed with his final product that they hired Tanner on contract to film an ongoing series of videos throughout the facility. “I love working with Vivo. This job has helped me become more creative, organized and confident, and has really helped me develop my passion for video production”.

    For Tanner, getting the job is a cool story, but the coolest thing is actually being able to apply his skills and develop his portfolio. He has begun to receive requests from his teachers and classmates to assist with video projects for his school, and has even had an invitation to film a wedding this summer. “Being at Vivo is awesome. Everyone has been super encouraging and helpful to me. I’m glad to be learning some life skills through this job and having a ton of fun doing it!”

  • Brenda’s Story

    When Brenda attended our On Your Mark event she didn’t... More

    When Brenda attended our On Your Mark event she didn’t realize how that evening would affect her, change her perceptions and alter her life. Brenda, a parent, a nurse and community member, was inspired to make simple changes for herself and her loved ones. She enrolled her daughter in the Child + Youth Action Research Project, but still she was motivated to do more.

    Brenda now has a passion to help her community get engaged and get healthy for life. She is the first Community Liaison Volunteer for the Child + Youth Action Research Project, helping to educate and recruit children and parents into the program. She is doing her part to instill change and ensure generations of Canadians to come will live longer, healthier, more productive lives.

  • Jane’s Story

    Six-year-old Jane was typically shy in the classroom, and did... More

    Six-year-old Jane was typically shy in the classroom, and did not feel comfortable speaking up or sharing with her peers. However, during her week at Vivo in Healthy Living School, a discussion about nutrition and the importance of fueling the body sparked her interest.

    When Jane and her classmates embarked on a field trip to a nearby grocery store to examine healthy foods and choose nutritious snacks for the week, something wonderful happened. Jane connected with her environment and the experience, and was immediately inspired to think and act differently. For the first time she confidently presented her thoughts in front of her class, and as a result has become an advocate for healthy living.

  • Michelle’s Story

    Michelle is a woman of many talents…actress, grandmother, active lifestyle... More

    Michelle is a woman of many talents…actress, grandmother, active lifestyle enthusiast and the voice behind the Vivo Kids. Having been a puppeteer for many years, Michelle has witnessed the amazing power of puppets including their ability to engage people of all ages, break down barriers and even communicate with those who have withdrawn from the world.

    Armed with the firm belief that the community has a responsibility to help children and young families make healthy lifestyle choices, Michelle contacted Vivo hoping to marry her unique skill set with the raising healthier generations mission… and voila… the Vivo Kids were born!

    Together, we’re inspiring families to dance, sing and play their way to healthy living, creating a new generation of real life ‘Vivo Kids’ in the process.

  • Ann’s Story

    Recently I was diagnosed with heart health issues and was... More

    Recently I was diagnosed with heart health issues and was enrolled in a 12-week cardiac rehabilitation program which focused on proper nutrition, stress management, and most of all, exercise. I was given the choice of exercising at the Talisman Centre or enrolling in a home exercise program. I decided that driving to the Talisman Centre would do nothing for my stress levels, and living 5 minutes away from Vivo, I would make Vivo my “home” for my exercise program. I started by walking in the concourse (slowly!) for 15 minutes and gradually increased my time to one hour, including up and down the ramp.

    While walking back and forth it was easy to observe all that goes on at Vivo: people skating, swimming, playing hockey, playing basketball, practicing dancing moves, having meetings in the snack bar area, studying, watching children playing in the impromptu play areas. Big people, little people, young people, not-so-young people, people talking, laughing, engaged in doing all sorts of interesting things – even just walking. It wasn’t long before I realized that this was a true community. Staff would smile and ask how I was doing, strangers would nod and say “hello” and soon there were no strangers. It was like having a second home.

    When my son, Mike, gave me the gift of a personal trainer to help with my program I discovered a whole new world. After an interview with Jenny Rowe, Team Leader of the fitness centre, I was matched with Jared Hansen as my personal trainer. As someone with health issues, it was a comfort to be working with someone highly trained not only in physical fitness, but rehabilitation, CPR and the use of a defibrillator. With Jared’s knowledge, encouragement and enthusiasm, I have learned to use weights, machines, bands, treadmills, bicycles, and the Swiss ball. I have learned a new vocabulary: reps, sets, burn, crunch, abs (not gut), glutes (not butt). I have learned that I still have a great deal to learn. I still haven’t tried any aquatic classes, but my husband, David, has made good use of the swimming pool and the library while he waits for me to finish huffing and puffing.

    My 12-week program is over now and I have had my final stress test and medical review. The results – my health risk has been reduced by 37%, my metabolic equivalency (more vocabulary!) has doubled, and my physical fitness has increased 137%. I plan on coming home to Vivo for a very long time.

  • Kayla’s Story

    Vivo is a facility unlike any other. Being apart of... More

    Vivo is a facility unlike any other. Being apart of this team over the years has given me the chance to interact with some of the most amazing, everyday people in our community. When I look up from my desk, I see heroes, achievers, helpers and positive role models. One in particular has a really big impact on my shifts. Sanjay is one of the kindest, most charismatic people I have ever met. During our morning exchanges, he always has an interesting story to tell or a enlightening piece of advice. He always calls me Banana, as my name translated is Banana in his native tongue. He always manages to put a smile on my face no matter how tired I’m feeling. His positive outlook on life, his ability to make others laugh and his enriching lifestyle inspires me. He always encourages me to try new things, ie ZUMBA, get involved and maintain a healthy routine. Thank you, Sanjay, for being a dependable source of fun and light during my morning shifts. You are truly an advocate for healthy living, the power of positivity and finding the fun in every activity.

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