Indoor Water Restriction Eased

Posted July 02 2024

Team Vivo has some important updates to share with our valued guests:

Indoor Water Restrictions Eased: July 2, 2024

Showers in the Fitness Centre and Arenas are open once again! Aquatics showers remain closed.

We’ve got the green light from The City of Calgary to begin the exciting process of getting our aquatics centre up and running again. We had to delay some key steps in our warranty and maintenance project to save water during stage four restrictions. But now, we’re ready to dive back in!

Our steps are as follows:

  1. Clean and prepare the pools and begin filling
  2. Bring the water up to desired pool temperature and balance chlorine levels
  3. Get AHS approval to safely open

The timeline for completing these steps is dependent on each of the previous steps going smoothly. Follow along on social @vivoyourlife to see where we are in the process.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to our guests and team for adhering to the recommendations to limit non-essential water use.



Recreation buildings have reputations for using a lot of water, however, at Vivo water conservation a key theme, indoors and out.

Here are some of Vivo’s design measures to conserve water:

  • 95% reduction in pool water use thanks to our regenerative filtration system.
  • 37% reduction from LEED v4 baseline in indoor water use due to low-flow fixtures.
  • “Green” stormwater system treats rainwater on site.
  • 84% reduction from LEED v4 baseline for outdoor water use thanks to drought-tolerant plants and an efficient irrigation system.
  • Smart, low-water irrigation system conserves drinking water.

We’re Almost Slash Ready!

Vivo’s Aquatics Centre was also closed in June for essential warranty and annual maintenance work. Our construction partner Ellis Don needed to complete crucial warranty and deficiency work from our recent expansion project. To maximize efficiency, Vivo performed our annual maintenance at the same time.

Here are the key project milestones:

  • Mechanical Upgrades: Improved pool toys and mechanical systems for enhanced fun and efficiency.
  • Pump and Boiler Maintenance: Comprehensive inspections to ensure smooth operations.
  • Plumbing Improvements: Essential repairs and upgrades to meet health standards.
  • Tiling Work: Extensive tiling on the pool deck and change rooms, including crack repairs and grouting.
  • Deep Cleaning: Thorough cleaning of the sauna and steam rooms.
  • Building Standard Upgrades: Aligning with current standards for improved safety.
  • Drainage Enhancements: Improved drainage and deck sloping.
  • Stay Active & Connected!

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