A note from Cynthia, CEO at Vivo

Posted August 24 2023

To our valued Vivo community,

In our excitement to open up Vivo’s new fitness experiences earlier this year, I want to acknowledge that you’ve had to endure the major inconvenience of living through an extensive construction project in real-time. In retrospect, I should have made sure that Vivo was more “guest ready” and all the issues worked out beforehand. I take full responsibility for that.

After 10 years of waiting, we are closer than ever to the completion of the expansion project. The team and I offer the three ways we are focused on getting opening “right”:

Construction is not over ’til it’s over

Although spaces may appear to be fully finished, there is still lots of work behind the scenes as the construction team completes their work and conducts tests to ensure the building is working properly in preparation for building inspections and safety agencies. Following that they will be ensuring the remaining list of minor deficiencies are complete.

When we tried to rush the process earlier this year to open the fitness centre space, we ended up with a not-so-stellar customer experience. We don’t want to repeat that mistake. As we head into the turnover of the remaining spaces, please be assured we are going to give extra time and attention to ensure everything is fully functional and running as it should before we welcome you into the new experiences.

Our general contractor, EllisDon, has given us the date of September 13, 2023 as the time of total project completion. When you no longer see the construction fencing and the East parking lot filled with trailers will be a good indication that the construction is complete! This then allows Vivo to get into the spaces to prepare everything to be “Guest Ready”.

Preparing to be “Guest Ready” is all about the details

Guest Ready for Vivo means 2 things

  1. That we have successfully recruited, hired and trained our team so that Vivo can operate with the highest regard for health, safety and well-being
  2. That the spaces are complete, clean, equipped properly and systems are functioning as intended to provide you with an exceptional experience

When Vivo is confident that we have the right balance between Team Readiness and Space Readiness is when we will roll out the new Vivo programs and services. We will keep you posted on how we are tracking opening milestones on social media @vivoyourlife and via this newsletter.

What you can expect in the next 45 days

We are actively recruiting for our team! This is our current reality:

  1. For the next 45 days you may see the pool active with aquatics recruits completing their 100+ hours of certification and practice time. The pool will open to the community when the team is confident and competent in our new aquatics environment
  2. Aquatic Swim Lesson registration will be delayed until we can confirm our fall aquatics staffing roster. Stay tuned. As mentioned, hiring is happening in real time
  3. Child minding & Climbing Instructors have proven a challenge to recruit. These offerings will be put on hold until we can confirm teams to deliver these experiences

Vivo is still here to serve you while the expansion project heads into completion!  Vivo.ca is the best place to check before your visit.  Our Guest Services Team is here to help you navigate.

We will do better. I care that YOU care that we can do better. Please continue to send us your candid feedback. The Senior Leadership will be reviewing each and every submission.

We truly appreciate your patience during this transition as we prepare for full opening. Our team is dedicated and excited to bring Vivo to life for you and our community. We understand that rebuilding trust takes time. We are committed to regaining your confidence in Vivo.

Thank You,

Cynthia Watson

Chief Evolution Officer at Vivo

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