Virtual Vivo FAQ


How do I sign up for Vivo’s online services?

If you want to sign up visit to login or create your Legend account to register. To register for our online opportunities, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Registration Process: Access Legend and register online. If you already have a Vivo online account please login using that account. If you do not have one, you will be asked to create one.

Step 2: Experience Selection: Once you log in, select ‘program search’ and select Virtual Vivo. You can then choose your experience(s).

Step 3 Payment: Once registered, please follow the steps for payment. As this is our introductory month, you will have a complementary discount of 50% off.

Step 4: App Activation: Upon payment confirmation, you will then have your app activated within 24 hours. Once the Virtual Vivo/Technogym membership app is activated (you will receive an email). Please click the link and follow the steps.

Email if you would like help in navigating the app features, want to learn more about our online offerings.  Our staff will work with you to understand and help you figure what are the best solutions to take of you and/or your family’s health and lifestyle needs.

If I need help using Vivo’s online services and/or accessing the live stream classes, what should I do?

If you are experiencing challenges with Vivo/Technogym’s MyWellness app or accessing classes check for helpful tips and video tutorials or email to get in touch with Vivo staff to directly assist your questions, feedback or issues.

If you are interested in online personal training services sign up at to log in or create your Legend account to register. Please also email if you have any questions. Our staff will work with you to understand your needs and help figure out personalized solutions to what a healthy lifestyle means to you. We will support you in taking first steps, making progress on daily habits, achieving goals or just taking time to care for yourself by connecting and playing more with others.

How do I sign up for Vivo’s online Preschool classes?

If you are interested or would like to sign up your children up for our live stream preschool classes sign up at to log in or create your Legend account to register. If you have any questions please email Our staff will work with you to understand your kid’s and family’s learning and play needs so we can do our best to share intentional experiences to further your child’s growth and development and also provide you resources and tools to support your kids ‘offline’ hours at home and in your own backyard.

Can I connect multiple devices to the Vivo/Technogym MyWellness App?

Yes. You can sync your phone, fitness apps and heart rate band to track all of you activities that you do at the gym, indoors at home or the outdoors measuring kilometres travelled and calories burned. Every physical activity you take part in and enables you to collect MOVEs. These are units of measurement that you can compare with your friends to see who is the most active. To sync your app with other devices go to your profile, click on settings and then choose connect apps and devices. There is a list of the applications that will sync with ease.

Can the Vivo/Technogym app connect to my TV?

If you are using your Apple device and you have Apple TV or a Smart TV you would be able to share your screen and view it on the larger screen.

What are the features of the Vivo/Technogym MyWellness App?

  • The Technogym MyWellness app will keep track of your MOVEs day after day, and thanks to the MOVERGY INDEX, you will be able to view your overall activity status in an easy, intuitive way.
  • Make movement your motivation.
  • With MyWellness, you can track all of the activities that you do at the gym or outdoors, measuring kilometres travelled and calories burned. Every physical activity you take part in enables you to collect MOVEs. These are units of measurement that you can compare with your friends, to see who is most active.
  • Train like a pro or on your own with different classes.
  • Track your activity level and biometrics easily and consistently through apps, wearables, gym equipment.
  • Find your programs, settings and data wherever you are.
  • Train on the go anywhere and anytime you want, it’s all under your control through our amazing partnership Technogym.
  • Innovative and intuitive features keep you motivated and addicted to your workouts.

Is Vivo offering any sign-up promotions?

During May, we are offering 50% off Live Stream Group Fitness classes, Workouts of day & Pre-recorded fitness classes as we get fully operational with our services, technology, classes and instructors.  Note: Preschool online services are not included in the promotion. Please check out to sign up or email if you have specific questions.


Why is Vivo charging for online services?

We are charging fees for our online services to support Vivo staff in delivering quality experiences for you and/or your family to exclusively access, use and enjoy. The fees are comparable to other organizations charging for similar services in the market and are more affordable than Vivo’s current facility pass and admission fees.

What are the fees for Vivo’s online services?

You can sign up with Vivo for one or multiple online services options based on what matters most to you and/or your family’s healthy lifestyle needs. Note- These online service fees are per household versus per person living in the household. For example- a family living together in one household no matter how many adults and kids would only pay $49/month for the LIVE Stream Group Fitness and Works out of Days option versus $49/month for every single person living in the household.  Note- Preschool and Personal Training are separate additional services and fees. Fees for online services:

Online Service Options 

Weekly Rates  

Monthly Rates 


Option 1- Live Stream Group Fitness Classes & Work Outs of the Day  


$49 + GST per month per household 


Option 2- Personal Training  

(Additional fee) 

$39-$59 + GST per session  

Monthly fees available at this time 

The rate is dependent on the number of individuals  participating in a session at one time 

Option 3- Preschool and Learning experiences 

(Additional Fee) 

$15-18 + GST per week for a household 

Monthly fees are not available at this time 


What are the payment options for Vivo’s online services?

Just like registering for a program at Vivo you will be able to pay by credit card. A new payment option we are offering until we re-open the facility is people who currently have ‘credits’ on their accounts for programs can apply their ‘credits’ to pay for any online services they wish to purchase. You can pay monthly or pre-pay for as many months as you like.

Please sign up at and login or create your Legend account. Email for specific questions regarding how to pay or use your credit on accounts.

Do I switch my current Vivo membership to online services? Can I switch it back when you re-open OR keep both?

Like registering for a program, current members can sign up at to log in or create a Legend account to register.  When Vivo re-opens you can choose whatever option suits your life best- switch back to a facility membership only, keep the online services only OR utilize both the facility and the online services so you get taken care of at Vivo and ‘on the go’ whenever and wherever for you and/or your family healthy lifestyle needs.

What if I can’t afford the paid online services is there any kind of subsidy available from Vivo?

Please email to discuss subsidy options. We recognize everyone has personal circumstances during these unprecedented times and our staff will work with you to figure out solutions that best suit you or your family’s healthy lifestyle needs.


What experiences will Vivo be offering for 2020 online services?

We are launching our online services in multiple phases so we can understand and test what people value and scale up our experiences with the community as their needs grow and change so we provide intentional and quality experiences to support people’s healthy lifestyle needs. Phases of online services rolling out in 2020:

  • Phase 1 (May) – Live Stream Group Fitness, Personal Training and Preschool Classes
  • Phase 2  (Late June-August) – Summer Camps in your own Backyard
  • Phase 3 (Sep-Dec) – Date Night for Parents & Family Play Together Experiences following Alberta Health Guidelines

Is Vivo going to share a weekly schedule of online services for people to plan their weeks, especially with families?

We are launching our online services from May 4 to the public. During May, we are offering a smaller selection of live stream Group Fitness Classes, Work Outs of the Day and Personal Training so we can work out any technology and people challenges and truly understand what you value and test it with them in real-time in order to scale up our experiences effectively to take care of your lifestyle needs in new and better ways.   We will be sharing a weekly schedule during May/June to help you get started and then from July to end of the year monthly schedules for people to be able to plan ahead and align with their lives.










9:15 am (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training 


9:15 am Warrior Boot Camp (Marcella) 

9:15 am Flow & Restore Yoga        


9:15 am Total Body Workout


9:15 am Yoga Flow (Marcella) 

9:45 am Zumba 


10 am Hatha Yoga 



10:30 am

Gentle Hatha Yoga (Daryl)  

11 am Active Start



11 am LIIT Low-Intensity Interval Training 







6:30 pm Zumba 


6:30 pm Total Body Work Out (Marcella) 

6:30 pm Hatha Yoga (Robin) 

6:30 pm HIIT Intensity Interval Training 


No class 

No class 

No class 

What are the Vivo Workouts of the Day and how do I access them?

When you sign up on the Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app you will have access to Work Outs of Days which you can try anytime and anywhere. We are starting with basics like single movements for your upper and lower body from learning how to squat, do a shoulder push or stretch your hamstring. Over time, we will continue to add more combinations and challenging workouts for all levels and abilities.  Please check out for tips and tutorials or email if you have issues accessing Workouts of the Day through your account.

Does the Vivo/TechnoGym MyWellness App translate things into different languages?

We have been working with our app partner Technogym who provides healthy living services across the world and in multiple languages. We will be testing our Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app content in different languages over the next couple of months like Mandarin, Cantonese, Filipino, French, and Ismaili Muslim. Please share your feedback on your experience with our team at

How can I give my feedback and insights on current Vivo online experiences and make future recommendations?

Your feedback and insights are critical to helping Vivo develop services that you value to support your health and well-being. Our staff will be seeking feedback during all classes so we can evolve the quality of our experiences on a weekly and monthly basis.  Please share any feedback directly to or online @vivoyourlife and

How far in advance can I book Vivo’s Live Stream Group Fitness Classes?

The Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app enables you to book a spot two weeks in advance for a Live Stream Group Fitness Class. We will continue to add more classes every week and will monitor and assess this over May to ensure everyone who signs up gets access to participate in classes. Please check for tips and video tutorials or email if you have any issues booking your classes.

What are the ways Vivo is going to connect it, members, through online services?

Through our online services survey with customers, we heard that ‘creating social connections with others’ was an important value for Vivo’s online experiences. To start, we will be offering ‘before and after’ coffee chat sessions for everyone during our Live Stream Group Fitness classes to connect and share with each other. We are also launching up a Facebook group for people on the Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app to share and engage each other in tips, celebrations, challenges, resources, tools as well as be a mental and social support system for everyone. We will continue to add more ‘connection’ systems based on you value most and need overtime. Please email for any questions or feedback.

How many live stream Group Fitness classes will run each week?

When we launch our online services the week of May 4 we will offer six live stream group fitness classes during the first week. Then we will run eight classes during the second week and then 11 classes by the third week. By May 19, we will run 14 classes per week with a variety of Vivo instructors like high and low-intensity workouts like HIIT & LHIIT, Yoga, Dance and Active Start. We will continue to assess and scale our group fitness in terms of volume and types of classes based on customer demand and value.  Please check your personal Vivo/Technogym

MyWellness app account under CLASSES for latest offerings, days and times. Email if you have any questions, feedback accessing or regarding classes.

How many live stream Group Fitness classes run each day?

During our first full operational week (May 19) we will offer 14 classes per week across mornings and evenings:

  • 2 classes per day on Monday
  • 3 classes per day on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
  • 1 class per day on Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Please check your personal Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app account under CLASSES for the latest offerings, days and times. Email if you have any questions, feedback regarding classes.

How many and what types of Preschool classes will run each week?

We are launching our online preschool classes the week of May 14.   We will offer 2 classes per week start, and additional classes will be added based on demand. Classes will be either 30 or 45 minutes in duration based on age. The classes will cover everything from reading to exploring your home and backyard to experimenting with common household items and using their imagination to explore math, science, and literacy. Weekly schedules will be shared with families in advance in case of any setup or materials to play with are required. Please email to sign up for these one of kind classes.

What kinds of Personal Training options available for individuals and groups?

Our staff will work with you and/or a small group of individuals to understand your needs and help figure out personalized solutions to what a healthy lifestyle means to you and then support you or your group in taking first steps, making progress on daily habits, achieving goals or just taking time to care for yourself by connecting, having fun and playing more with others. Please sign up at or email for more information.

Will Vivo offer pre-recorded Group Fitness classes? When can I access them?

We will offer pre-recorded Group Fitness classes later in May as part of the Live Stream Group Fitness & Work Outs of the Day Option so you can get your daily physical activity needs anytime and anywhere.  Stay tuned for more details or email for more details and how to access or to sign up for online services.

Will Vivo offer personalized Preschool classes for families?

To start in mid- May, we will offer daily classes at the same time for everyone to participate in as we heard it was really important for kids to connect, talk, share and learn together in real time with each other. We will work closely with all the families in 2020 to understand and assess if there is value and demand to offer families more personalized learning services in 2021. Please sign up at for classes or email to share your insights and feedback.

What is my Group Fitness class is full at Vivo?

When an online class fills up, please add yourself to the waitlist. You will be notified when a spot opens up. Remember schedules change for people, and with the online system it is operating in real-time, allowing you to adapt accordingly. Please email if you have any questions or issues.

What can my kids do while I am doing Live Stream Group Fitness Classes?

Kids are welcome to do the group fitness classes with their parents and if parents are looking for some personal time then sign your kids up for our preschool and learning experiences so they play at the same time. We also welcome any ideas and feedback you have on how to make this experience more inclusive for your family or other ideas on services to offer at the same time for children, provided households have more than one device that can be used at the same time. Email to learn more about bundling our online service options.

How will Vivo’s online experiences be adaptable for people with disabilities?

Our staff are mindful of all ability levels and limitations and will adapt exercises and movements during our online classes. Please reach out and share your feedback during the classes or email so everyone can participate.

Will Vivo be offering Summer Camp online services?

Yes. We are working behind the scenes to develop online summer camp experiences for kids and families at home and in your own backyard to launch in late June/early July. Stay tuned for more details and when to sign up @vivoyourlife or