Calgary Adapted HUB

At the Calgary Adaptive Hub (CAH), powered by Jumpstart our vision is creating a healthier society through quality inclusive and accessible sport and recreation programs where all children and youth can belong.

We want children, youth and families of all abilities to achieve a life-long commitment to health, well-being, connection and physical activity.  

CAH is a collective of Calgary based organizations including Mount Royal University, Repsol Sport Centre, WinSport, Vivo, University of Calgary, and Sport Calgary. National partners include Canadian Tire Jumpstart and the Abilities Centre in Whitby, Ontario.  All are committed to shifting, advocating, measuring, enhancing and actioning the knowledge, participation and health of children and youth with disabilities by increasing the level of: 

  • Children and youth with disabilities registered in the introduction to typical sport and recreation programs as well as trying more unstructured and community-level programs and initiatives. 
  • Open spaces accessible to children and youth with disabilities activated for unstructured and structured sport and play experiences 
  • Sport programs and initiatives that achieve the quality sport experience standard 
  • Children and youth with disabilities that identify an increased comfort level in exploring sport and lifestyle choices 
  • Children and youth with disabilities meeting the daily moderate to vigorous activity guidelines as a result of each program or initiative 
  • Children and youth with disabilities who agree they have easy access to places where they can get physically active 
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