Brookfield Residential

First Things First, a Community That Cares

Vivo is working with Brookfield Residential to co-create and design new communities with its residents to make a measurable impact on their health and sense of belonging.

There are more than 100 families who have made Livingston their home so far, and the community continues to expand and evolve. Livingston residents are presented with a pretty great opportunity: They have been matched with a developer that keeps community connection at the forefront of community design. 

As Brookfield endeavours to learn more about how communities impact the lives of their residents, they have enlisted our Innovation Superpowers of Co-Creation and Measurement & Evaluation to help them understand their impact more deeply. 

In order to get to know families and residents of this budding community, we made it simple by just asking them! We are in the process of interviewing 25 families about what is important to them, how it feels to live in Livingston on a day to day basis, who they are interacting with, and where they shop, explore and have fun. This process is helping to develop a baseline understanding that will support future analysis from Vivo, and action from Brookfield to create a healthy community that is the best place to call home.

Brookfield and Vivo support Livingston families by co-creating with the community, listening, sharing results and starting a lasting conversation.

The full report on the Livingston case study is available below.

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