Creating Coventry

A Community-driven Plan to Improve and Connect our Neighbourhood’s Parks

When a representative from the City of Calgary alerted the Northern Hills Community Association (NHCA) that six of their playgrounds would need to be replaced, Moraig McCabe saw a bigger opportunity. All of Coventry Hills’ 14 playgrounds were built in just over a decade. Surely they’d all need to be replaced in a similar period.

In order to develop a playground master plan that would reflect the needs of each neighbourhood, members from the community had to be be consulted from day one. The goal was to discover what possibilities could open up that allowed for deeper community engagement and better playgrounds. 

Six Big Ideas emerged during conversations with Coventry Hills residents. These are broader than the needs of individual parks, and could be applied anytime there is an opportunity to improve green space. 

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Check out the full reports for Creating Coventry:

  • Planning Phase Report – analysis of the data and themes shared in the 10 engagements and 4 month of systematic observation.
  • Appendices and Data – detailed data sets and facilitators guides for engagements.
  • Journey Document – outlines the journey and learnings from the planning phase.
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