Vivo Instructor

The Vivo instructor, also known as the Gen H Instructor, was built from research to combat sedentary behaviors while still having fun, developing skills and improving physical literacy for the participants in our programs. 

Creating a different approach to recreation program design and delivery
requires a new type of program instructor. As a result, we developed the Vivo Instructor Training Program with a focus on children’s developmental
characteristics including physical literacy, social connection and personal
growth. Instructors learn to evaluate a child’s progress through ongoing
mentorship, reflective learning and applying knowledge-to-action. We aim to increase physical activity and social connection levels across all of our
programs by 10%.

We received funding from the government of Alberta to create, deliver and validate Vivo’s Gen H instructor training program.

This training program seeks to enhance the knowledge and skill sets of recreation instructors so they can more effectively and efficiently deliver meaningful activity programs. This training was designed by staff across all departments at Vivo, as well as in partnership with content experts from Mount Royal University. Since August 2017, 150 Vivo instructors have participated in the training. As a result, program participants have been more engaged and receive more intentionally developed physical activity experiences because their instructors are aware of developmental milestones, best practices and how to teach for maximum impact. This training has been integral in ensuring all of our instructors have the same training experience and baseline knowledge. As a result, they are able to provide program participants and families in the community with consistently positive and impactful experiences at Vivo.

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