Youth Fitness

Get Active, Make Friends, and Have a Great Time in our Fitness Centre.

Whether you are a budding athlete or just looking for new ways to get active, our fitness centre is an excellent place for people aged 9 and up. Find new ways to move your body, get fit with drop-in classes, and use equipment to tone and strengthen every muscle in your body.

Teen Orientation

Are you a teen who is ready to learn more and move your body differently? Here is your chance to start being active in our Fitness Centre and Group Fitness classes.
Our Teen Orientations will allow youth ages 12-15 years to use certain areas of our Fitness Centre and Group Fitness classes with an adult, and in some areas, you will be empowered to explore on your own once you complete this program.

Ages Cardio Equipment Free Weights Weight Machines Group Fitness Classes
18+ years Full Access Full Access Full Access Full Access
15-17 years Teen Orientation = Full Access (Without parent or guardian present after orientation) Teen Orientation = Full Access Teen Orientation= Full Access Teen Orientation=Full Access
12-14 years  Teen Orientation = Limited Access (Parent or guardian must be present in fitness centre at the same time) Teen Orientation= Limited Access Teen Orientation = Limited Access Teen Orientation = Full Access with an adult
Children under the age of 12 Not permitted in the fitness centre Not permitted Not permitted Not permitted

If you are interested please email to book your time with a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant!

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