Virtual Vivo Preschool

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Registration for a class will close at 4pm the night before the class starts. 


How to Access Your Online Course

Classes are run through the WEB EX portal app and must be downloaded to access your class. All information will be provided to assist in a welcome email sent out 2 days before the class starts from to support you and your little one in exploring in an intentional and playful experience! 

Our preschool is all about connection, sharing ideas, exploratory learning and getting hands-on experience.

We will explore the world around us through different early learning methods like arts & crafts, sensory experiences, physical activity, and sharing our thoughts and feelings with each other during our online session.

Online learning is new to most children and, at first, requires a parent or guardian to support them during their Virtual Vivo time. Families will be provided with a short supply list of materials to participate in each activity in the class. These items are usually found in your household. 

Basic tools for Vivo Virtual Fun!

  • Paper, plain and/or coloured 
  • Crayons, and/or markers 
  • String, pipe cleaners and/or small wire 
  • Scissors 
  • Tape and glue 
  • Sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers 
  • Baking soda, vinegar, corn starch, food colouring 
  • Tin foil 
  • Milk cartons, cereal boxes, glass jars and/or plastic containers 
  • Small items for counting (macaroni, Lego, bead, buttons, cheerios) 


Alphabet Zoo
Learning about your ABCs just got more playful with “Alphabet Zoo.” This introductory course will teach or review the alphabet and an opportunity to play with letters through craft, sorting, games and physical activity!

Bugs at Work
They run. They hide. They work and even have friends and families. Let’s take a more in-depth look at bugs. “Bugs at Work” is a unique course to learn more about the world around us and get real-life skills as we build a bug hotel, play games, go on a scavenger hunt and get inspired by the bugs around us.

Let’s Make it!
Have you ever made paint from pudding? Now you can! In the “Let’s Make It” course we will use our time together we will be creating one of a kind art with paint and paintbrushes that we’ve made ourselves.   

Magic with Numbers
It’s time to grab your wand and make some magic! “Magic with Numbers” is an immersive course where we will make numbers appear out of nowhere. We will put on an entire show as jump around, use science to count, pull bunnies from a hat and count all the new friends we’ll make. 1 to 10, let’s do it again!

Plants Can Dance
A little mud never hurt anyone. In our “Plants Can Dance” course, we will teach your little gardeners the basics of the planting cycle from seed to flower. Through hands-on experiences, moving our bodies and using natural materials, we’ll learn that plants can dance!

Rainforest in a Box!
Rainforests are big and full of life.  We are bringing it home to you in our “Rainforest in a Box!” course. Through rhyming, crafts, play and dance, we’ll invite all the animals of the jungle into our homes! We’ll all have a roaring time together!

Stars in a Jar!
Twinkle, twinkle little “Star in a Jar.” This course is all about the experiences we can have in the dark night with sparkles of light that brings on the feeling of wonder and imagination. Through keeping our bodies active, doing crafts, and early learning activities, we’ll get to experience the beauty of stars right at home.

The More We Get Together
Moving and learning is more fun when we are together! “The More We Get Together” explores how things go together in the world around us. Magnets to metal, birds to nest, feet to shoes, so many things match up to make up something together. We’ll play, dance and create all together! Hooray!