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Registration for Fall Skating Lessons opens July 19, 2022! View the Fall Skating Guide for more details about lessons, times, and pricing.

Learning to skate is practically a Canadian rite of passage! No one should miss out!

Learn more about program subsidies available through Vivo’s Everybody Plays program.

Skating Policies

  • All children on the ice are required to wear a CSA-approved helmet. During Parent and Tot lessons, all adults participating in the lesson with their child are required to be confident skaters.
  • Adults are required to wear CSA-approved helmets on the ice.
  • The following items are permitted:
    • street shoes
    • bike helmets
    • hot beverages
  • To ensure the longevity of your skate blades, ensure you walk on the rubber surfaces and avoid the cement or metal surfaces with your skates as this dulls the blades and affects your skating experience.



Why Learn to Skate at Vivo?

Vivo’s skating programs introduce participants to the sport in ways that make it irresistible. We believe when you build a love for the sport, you build a foundation for lifelong physical activity and skill mastery.

Our skaters will build mental fortitude and emotional intelligence as they are caringly introduced to new challenges. Staff will not only encourage the creation of new friendships and social skills but participants will naturally begin to develop their own as they work with their peers to master new skills. We’ll have you gliding confidently in no time!

Skating Protocols

  • All change rooms are cleaned, disinfected and sanitized regularly in accordance with Alberta Health requirements.
  • All staff and instructors will continue to wear masks during lessons.
  • We ask that all spectators remain in the designated viewing areas and away from the players’ bench during the lesson.
  • Parents are required to sign their children in and out for every lesson, unless the child is 9 or older and has been authorized to sign themselves out.
  • CSA helmets are required for all skating participants.

Cancellation Policy

Vivo’s cancellation policy is designed to provide flexible accommodation in changing environments and personal situations.

Classes missed by the participant are non-refundable or subject to credit.

Programs and Services: 

Days Prior to Course Starting Cancellation Fee Remaining Funds
8+ $30 Refunded to original form of payment
7-3 $30 Put into credit for future use
Less than 2 No cancellation permitted No remaining funds


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