It’s Time to Put your Plans on Ice and Slide Into Action. 

Vivo’s rinks are the perfect spot for general skating, figure skating, ice hockey, parties, shinny and even skill-building drop-in. We offer classes throughout the year, so even the most wobbly skater could be gliding around the ice rinks like a pro in no time!

Vivo offers a wide selection of skating classes for all ages and abilities!

Healthy habits for the arena

Complete the 3 Step Checklist to access & use Vivo– before your visit, during your visit and after your visit.
Practice physical distancing of 2 metres from all staff and other guests at all times.
Masks are mandatory inside. Please keep your face covering on in the change room and on the rinks.

All drop-in classes and to reserve time in the arena must now be pre-booked on the ‘mywellness’ app.

What’s New For Skating

To keep you moving, connecting and learning in a safe environment we have the following steps in place to maximize your experience.

  • Pre-book online through the ”mywellness” app for all drop-in experiences in the arena. Registered programs you will be assigned a number that will correlate to a location in our arena to put your equipment on.
  • Before your visit complete and follow the Healthy Habits listed on this page.
  • Prior to each visit fill complete the online Health Screen.
  • Come dressed to play so all you need to do is add your skating specific equipment on, and remember a filled water bottle.
Spectators In The Arena Information

Skating Protocols

  • All skating equipment is cleaned, disinfected and sanitized regularly in accordance with Alberta Health requirements.
  • Shared equipment has been removed.
  • When you are waiting to skate, physical distancing markers will be in place to ensure your safety.
  • In person experiences for all classes have been limited to ensure social distancing.
  • Drop-in Experiences – The space you sign up for is the number you would go to within your class. If you book number 2 your station will be set-up for you at number 2.
  • All stations are at minimum 2 meters apart.
  • Showers are not available at this time.
  • Change rooms are currently closed.
  • One-way directional flow in and out of our spaces to reduce the risk of accidently bumping into someone.
  • The number of classes, times and layout of classes has changed to ensure time for proper disinfection.

Our skating policies

  • All children on the ice are required to wear a CSA approved helmet. During Parent and Tot lessons, all adults participating in the lesson with their child are required to be confident skaters.
  • Adults are not required to wear helmets on the ice; however, it is recommended as this will role model safety practices to the children.
  • Avoid the following items on the ice:
    • street shoes
    • bike helmets
    • hot beverages
  • To ensure the longevity of your skate blades, ensure you walk on the rubber surfaces, and avoid the cement or metal surfaces with your skates as this dulls the blades and affects your skating experience.