Group Fitness

Connect and Move your Body and Soothe your Mind in our Group Fitness classes!

Our classes are designed to help you accomplish your short term and long-term fitness goals, connect with other like-minded individuals, and help support your physical, emotional and mental well-being all while learning new exercises and movements.

Join us in-person or virtually!

To keep you moving, connecting and learning in a safe environment we have the following steps in place to maximize your experience.

  • Book online through our app for either your virtual or in person experience. Coming soon – classes in the Blue Gym can all be taken in person or virtually.
  • Sign our waiver 1 time prior to your first visit.
  • Prior to each visit fill complete the online Health Screen.
  • Come dressed to play with your own mat and filled water bottle.

Family Dance


  • Ages 16+ can attend any of our Group Fitness classes.
  • Ages 12-16 require a parent or guardian to participate with them.
  • Ages 11 and under are not permitted in Group Fitness classes.

For safety reasons, if you have children 11 years old or younger, please consider using our childcare services.

Additional Changes for your safety

  • In person experiences for all cycling classes will take place in the active lab and are limited to 13 participants.
  • In person experiences for classes in the pool will be limited to 10.
  • In person experiences for all other classes will take place in the Blue
  • Gym or the Parking Lot and have been limited to 35 spaces.
  • The space you sign up for is the number you would go to within your class. If you book number 10 your station will be set-up for you at number 10.
  • Equipment is cleaned and sanitized prior to your arrival. We ask that you additionally wipe down the equipment before use and again after use with either the wipes or spray bottles and paper towels provided.
  • All fitness stations are at minimum 3meters apart.
  • Fans have been removed.
  • Change rooms are currently closed.
  • Mats and other porous equipment have been removed.
  • All the equipment you need (with the exception of a mat) will be at your station.
  • One-way directional flow in and out of our spaces to reduce the risk of accidently bumping into someone.
  • The number of classes, time and layout of classes has changed to ensure time for proper disinfection.

Class Descriptions

Strong Early Risers

Get in and get out. This early morning workout is an ever-changing array of muscles building, fat burning and motivation before you start your day. All levels

Step and Core

An amazing step class without confusion followed by a powerful, functional core workout. This step class will vary in intensity to provide awesome cardio conditioning. It will accommodate all fitness levels as different intensity options are offered. All Levels

Active Start

Ready to start the next phase of your fitness journey? Join us for a fun hour of cardio and strength that will help you build your functional fitness. Beginner/ Older Adult

Active Ease

Whether you are new to fitness or challenged with recovering from an injury, this class will inspire, challenge and encourage you along your fitness journey.

Yoga Flow

Connect your breath with movement by transitioning fluidly from pose to pose. You will strengthen & elongate your muscles through the principles of yoga.

Yoga Yin/Restorative

This practice focuses on longer held postures which opens tight muscles to restore and rejuvenate. Relax and recover from your regular workouts or daily activities.

Gentle Hatha YoGentle Hatha Yoga ga

Whether you are new to yoga or are familiar with the practice, Gentle/Beginner Hatha yoga will help you develop balance, strength and flexibility without feeling overwhelmed or confused. In this class we will take our time to get into postures focusing on the basics. We will combine yoga postures and breathing exercises to strengthen the body, reduce stress and calm the mind. No yoga experience is required.

Yoga Yin/Yang

Find the perfect balance between strengthening and stretching with this powerful combination of the masculine and feminine. Begin your session with muscle engaging, strong but accessible Yang postures (with modifications for beginners), and finish with calming, grounding, restorative and lengthening Yin postures.

Candlelight Yoga

Come and enjoy the end of your day with a candlelight practice. Start the sessions with a gentle flow connecting breath with postures.

Total Body Workout

One stop total body workout with resistance, cardio intervals, endurance and core strength!

Warrior Bootcamp

Experience all out muscle building in this innovative weight training class like no other! Get your heart pounding and muscles working hard with the accumulation of exercises that build muscles and amp your fat burning metabolism.


High intensity interval training. This gives you an all-out training technique which you will give 100% effort through short quick intense bursts of exercise followed by shorter, sometimes active recovery periods. Pair this up with lower intensity exercises to get a great workout in.

Low Impact HIIT

Get all the benefits of high-intensity training without the impact on your joints. High intensity interval training (aka HIIT) gives you incredible benefits, including maximum calorie burn (both during and after a workout) No jumping or running, Just short bursts of high-intensity exercise with rest periods.


Looking to go a step above the ordinary workout? Try a new challenge each week with unique exercises and surprising ways to use ordinary gym equipment.

Full body Surge

A full body workout that works multiple muscle groups in one go. The goal of full body surge is to get a total-body calorie burn effect.Row, Lunge, pull, press or run the combinations are endless. Come sweat it out in the move lab with our amazing instructors.


This class fuses hypnotic Latin rhythms and easy to follow moves to create a high energy, calorie blasting, total body dance-based workout that feels more like a dance party.

Family Dance

Come out and Dance! The award-winning program inspires adults, children and families to get playful with dance through its high energy and motivating class format! Family DANCEPL3Y allows parents and children to get interACTIVE as they develop personal fitness, musicality, and FUNdamental movement skills. Develop physical literacy and self-confidence through the 3 Rules of PLAY: Be Positive. Be Fun. Be Yourself

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