Be Part Of A Community

We believe in helping you live the best possible life you can. It’s about:

  • Making progress to figure out the lifestyle and results that matter most you.
  • Connecting with others to learn, share and grow with each other.
  • Building and maintaining Habits.
  • Committing to yourself to do and try more.
  • Celebrating the smalls wins for a stronger tomorrow.


Get the exclusive ‘pro-rated’ Summer Fitness Pass now to access group fitness classes online at Virtual Vivo and outdoors in-person with us. Pre-book your workouts and classes in our newly configured ‘boutique’ fitness centre.


For Youth Fitness

We want the youth to use the fitness centre! For safety and to reduce injuries all youth MUST complete Teen Orientation. It’s perfect for the teens ready to learn more and move their bodies in different ways by being active in our Fitness Centre and Vivo drop-in fitness classes.

Teen Orientation

Are you a teen who is ready to learn more and move your body in a different way?  Here is your chance to start being active in our Fitness Centre and Group Fitness classes. 

Our Teen Orientations will allow youth ages: 12-15 years to us certain areas of our Fitness Centre, and Group Fitness classes with an adult, and in some areas, you will be empowered to explore on your own once you complete this program. 

Ages  Cardio Equipment  Free Weights  Weight Machines  Group Fitness Classes 
16+ years  Full Access  Full Access  Full Access  Full Access 
12-15 years  Teen Orientation = Full Access  No Access  Teen Orientation = Full Access  Teen Orientation = Full Access with an adult 
9-11 years  Teen Orientation = Full access with an adult   No Access   No Access  No Access 
Under 9  No Access  No Access  No Access  No Access 

If you are interested please email to book your time with a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant! 

Personal Training

Committing to yourself is one of the greatest things you can do. We’re here to help you live your best life by being a community for you, exploring your comfort zones, building habits and making progress, not perfection together.

You can train by yourself or with friends or we can help find a tribe just right for you!

If you are interested please email to book your time with a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant! 


How To Access The Fitness Centre:

During July/August we’re offering an exclusive Summer Fitness Pass to access to our newly configured Fitness Centre as well as online, outdoor and in-person group fitness classes to our current members and those new to Vivo. 

Step 1:   Sign Up and Pay for your Summer Fitness Pass  

Step 2:   Download the MyWellness App 

Step 3:   Pre-book Your Spot by selecting ‘Fitness Centre Zone’ 

Fitness Centre Etiquette:

  • Prior to the use of any equipment please sanitize your hands.  
  • It is NOT recommended you wear a mask while exercising, high intensity fitness workouts and classes or while using cardio equipment. 
  • All equipment will be sanitized.  To help ensure a clean and welcoming space, please wipe down your equipment with the supplies provided before and after use.  
  • For your personal safety, we require guests to wear safe and proper workout attire including closed-toed shoes, a top and bottoms. Jeans/Denim is not recommended as it restricts the range of motion.
  • Food is not permitted within the Fitness Centre.  
  • Bring your own water bottles. Our water fountains are unavailable.
  • Please limit your time on cardio pieces to 30 minutes.  If the area is not busy, you can extend your time.
  • Ensure you place the equipment you used back in the proper location and refrain from moving equipment throughout the gym, outside of its marked area.
  • Personal Trainers who are not employed by Vivo, are not permitted to facilitate their services inside our building or on our outside our property. Training services include: providing a training plan, facilitating a class or session with one or more participants, conducting assessments, providing any kind of exercise or nutrition prescription, providing technique or equipment adjustments, or providing your personal business card or exchange of services in the form of payment or contra.

About The Zones 

During the summer we are offering online, outdoor and in-person fitness experiences. You can access our online pre-recorded fitness classes 24/7. Here is the duration of the in-person ‘Play Time’ for each Fitness zone.

Zone 1 (Blue) ‘New to Fitness & Love Easy Machines’– 1 hour  

Zone 2 (Green) ’Heavy Lifters who love Challenge & Plate Loaded Machines and barbells– 2 hours 

Zone 3 (Yellow) ‘Fitness Enthusiasts’ who love Cardio, HIIT, Squat Racks & Kettle Bells’- 2 hours  

Zone 4 (Pink) ‘Cardio Lovers who choose their own adventure, Free Weights and Barbells– 1.5 hours 

Note: Some zones may close early or have a shortened time due to the facility hours of operation 

Some Areas Are Closed At This Stage, Including:

  • Lockers and change area.
  • Pools and steam room.
  • Water fountains
  • Some equipment has been moved out of the Fitness Centre allowing for physical distancing.


Connect, Move and Soothe your Mind in one of our Group Fitness classes! Our classes are designed to help you accomplish your short-term and long-term fitness goals, connect with other like-minded individuals and help support your physical, emotional and mental well-being all while learning new exercises and movements.
Join us in person at Vivo or online with Virtual Vivo in the comfort of your own home.

Group Fitness Age Requirements:

  • Ages 16+ can attend any of our Group Fitness classes.
  • Ages 12-16 require a parent or guardian to participate with them.
  • Ages 11 and under are not permitted in Group Fitness classes.

For safety reasons, if you have children 11 years old or younger, please consider using our childcare services.

Do you have any questions?
Check out our list of reopening FAQs. 

Am I required to wear a mask/face covering at Vivo?

In accordance with the new Bylaw (NUMBER 26M2020), guests and employees are required to wear a mask/face covering indoors. Businesses are not expected to deny services as not everyone is required to wear a face covering. Exceptions to the face coverings bylaw include: • Children under 2 years of age • People with underlying medical conditions or disabilities inhibiting their ability to wear a face covering • People who are unable to place, use or remove a face covering safely without assistance • People who are eating or drinking at a public premise that offers food or beverage services • People engaging in an athletic or fitness activity • People who are caregiving for or accompanying a person with a disability where wearing a face covering would hinder the accommodation of the person's disability • People who have temporarily removed their face covering where doing so is necessary to provide or receive a service (for example, a visit to the dentist)

What are the social distancing guidelines if I come with a family member or another person in my cohort?

If you arrive with a family member or person in your cohort, we ask that you maintain social distance from other guests; however, you are permitted within 2m of those in your cohort.

If a piece I would like to use in one zone but I am booked in another zone, am I able to go to that zone to use the equipment? Are moveable pieces of equipment such as free weights and attachments able to move from one zone to another?

We ask that you ask one of our Lifestyle Fitness Consultants about the piece of equipment you are looking for. Most of our zones have comparable equipment; however, if there is an attachment or part of equipment not being used in another zone, we will accommodate the request as best as possible.

How do we properly navigate through the Fitness Centre to promote social distancing?

Once you have checked in at the East Arena with Guest Services, you will proceed with one way flow into the fitness center and see the Blue and Green Zones. To access the Yellow and Pink Zones, you must walk through the Green Zone and up the stairs. Once you have located your zone and completed your workout, you will follow the arrows and promptly exit down the stairs by Panther Sports Medicine.

What if I book myself into a zone but realize that I booked the wrong zone or would like to change zones once I have arrived at the facility?

Each zone has a description and photo that can be seen through the My Wellness App. However, if you arrive and realize that you booked the wrong zone, please speak with one of our Lifestyle Fitness Consultants. If there is room in another zone, and the booking time is available, the Lifestyle Fitness Consultants will try to accommodate accordingly.

Is there anywhere for me to store my belongings while I work out?

Vivo asks that you come ready to play. Lockers and cubbies are not available for the time being. If you have a bag with lifting equipment or accessories, we ask that you keep it with you and out of any walking lanes.

Is equipment still available for signing out?

Select pieces of equipment are available for signing out; some of our pieces have been removed as we are unable to disinfect it properly. Items that have been removed are among the likes of squat sponges, weight belts and all equipment with a porous material. If you would like to sign out a piece of equipment, please see a Lifestyle Fitness Consultant.

What material is available for cleaning of the equipment?

We ask all members to clean the equipment before and after use with one of two choices: our disinfectant wipes, which are located in the canisters and wall dispensers throughout the facility, or using a provided spray bottle and paper towel. If you choose to use a spray bottle, we ask that you keep it with you for the duration of your workout and return it to the tables at the bottom of the stairs as you exit. You will also notice there are coloured cards on our equipment. If the green side is showing, it means you can use that machine. However, if you see a red sign, our fitness staff will be around to disinfect it. Once you have completed your workout on the equipment and wiped it with cleaner or wipes, please flip the sign over to the red for disinfection.

What happens if I am not complete my workout when my booking time has ended?

We ask that you complete your workout within the allotted timeframe to allow us to complete the proper cleaning and disinfection between bookings. We will try to be as flexible as possible and accommodate any last reps within 5 mins of booking end times; however, we ask that you be prompt to keep everyone at the facility safe and healthy.

Will someone be able to provide a spot if necessary?

If you require a spot, a Lifestyle Fitness consultant will be available to help ensure your safety and proper personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) will be worn. If you have come with someone in your cohort, they can spot as well.