Play your way all summer long. From camps, family, adult, or youth adventures - we’ve simplified the experience to make the days more fun and schedules better. 

This summer is going to be the best. summer. ever. 


Summer Camp

You said: "There are too many options - it's confusing as a parent."

Here's what we did about that:

A day in the life of a Vivo Camper:

Welcome Ceremonies  Tribe-led Activities  Social LunchSkill Based Activities Play Your way 
Welcome Ceremonies Tribe-led Activities Collective Social Lunch Life-Skill Activities Play Your Way
Pep-rally-esque welcome ceremonies where all campers celebrate the week ahead, together! Work together, make new friends, and build team-work muscles! Eating brings us together - let it! Campers enjoy lunchtime all together - think mess-hall fun! Swim, climb, play outside and in! Build on your essential life-skills Choose the adventures your tribe will have all week, with guidance from your Camp Leader.


We believe in the power of play and the life-skills gained through it. This year we are working better together with campers to develop leadership, build confidence, and make friends by having them create their schedules! With the guidance of leaders, the campers will have a say in how they play at camps!


We’ve split camps into three age groups: [3-5] [5-8] [8-12]. All you need to do is find the weeks you want and choose the camp based on the age of your child! Simple, simple – because we know you have enough decisions to make!
*We see the ages overlap - if your 5-year-old is headed to Kindergarten, choose the younger group, if they are headed to Grade 1, choose the older group!


Remember play when you were a kid? Free, fun, simple? That’s where we are headed. Get back to basics this summer and play! All Campers will go swimming, climbing, play outdoors and in, flex leadership muscles, and make new friends. 



You said: "We don't have enough time - we wish we could come and do it all at once."

We've made our schedules better so you can play your way - especially during prime-time.

Play Infused Family Swim
Play Your Way Gym Time
Family Climb Expedition

Family Ice-Capades

This pool drop-in serves up PLAY-full pool parties, new themed experiences, and opportunities for self-led and instructor-led skill building. This gym drop-in environment serves up Dance Pl3y, badminton and loose parts adventure playground fun. It’s PLAY your way! A family mountaineering experience! Every drop in session includes skill training and PLAY-full moments that you can enjoy without having to commit to a registered program. The ice becomes a skating party! Every drop-in session includes learn to skate training and PLAY-full moments that you can enjoy without having to commit to a registered program.
Out of the Box Challenge
Play Lab +
Timing Details Here!
Out of the Box Challenge
Family Skill Quest
Vivo’s Main Street comes alive with forts, adventure and PLAY. Our Play Ambassadors are here to customize the experience and make every day at Vivo great. Flexible drop-in childcare so your kid’s day is as good as your workout. Every day, Play Lab provides care and playful experiences for children 3 months to 9 years. Vivo’s Main Street comes alive with forts, adventure and PLAY. Our Play Ambassadors are here to customize the experience and make every day at Vivo great. The yellow gym becomes your testing ground for new PLAY and learning. Enjoy skill based, PLAY-full moments without the commitment of a registered program.



You said: "We don't know how to play as adults - we're worried we will look silly."

You guys need to play too! We're trying out some new ways for you to play:

Urban Cycle Learn to Run 
Urban Cycle Learn to Run Outdoors
Bring your own bike and take your indoor cycle experience outdoors! Learn the basics from fitting your bike, when to switch gears and finding that optimum cadence. You will also learn some basic skills for bike maintenance for those longer rides. From changing a flat tire or putting your chain back on. This course will give you the confidence to ride outdoors, enjoy the scenery, and Calgary pathways with a motivating group! Take to the outdoors with this four week learn to run program. Experience a combination run/walk progression that will lead you to find a comfortable pace. Learn about biomechanics, injury prevention, and goal setting. This class will also provide guidance on optimizing nutrition, and strength training to enhance your run program. Enjoy a supportive group setting to keep you motivated during your runs!
Livingroom Lab Basic Skills
From our living room to your living room. Learn to move with the equipment you have under your own roof! Functional fitness that is accessible to anyone. Check this space out in the Fitness Hallway! Build confidence with basic skills. This is a once a week learning experience for the mechanics of a proper skill. Basic skills inclulde: learning a proper squat, how to deadlift, or how, engage your core in functional movements, and more!



You said: "We want a place where we feel like we belong - somewhere we are allowed to be youth."

We've been working with you to bring youth-approved play to Vivo:

YouthFestYouth Lounge
WHEN: April 5th
WHERE: Vivo – gyms, café, outside
WHAT: This event is free for youth who are 12-18 years old and is being planned by Youth Leadership Club, Youth Design Team, Uplyft Youth, with help from larger Vivo Team. The purpose of this event is to strengthen the bond between Vivo and youth in the community to show youth we are listening to their ideas and we are eager to co-create with them - with this event and beyond - to build out a youth service line at Vivo.
We will be prototyping a new social lounge pop-up throughout the spring and summer. This lounge will be made up of some new furniture the Youth Design Team helped us choose – bean bag chairs! Once the chairs arrive, we will be testing out different locations for them and asking youth to give us feedback. 
This experiment will help inform the future Youth Hub at Vivo and is part of the first phase of Vivo’s Youth Strategy, funded by the Calgary Foundation. We are also looking at getting some additional “soft” furniture that the design team tested (with charging outlets - something the youth really wanted) through Vivo’s soft furniture grant.

Vivo's Youth Strategy is generously funded by:

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