Jan 27, 2015

NCSRA Board of Director Opportunity

Nose Creek Sports and Recreation Association

Board of Director Opportunity

Nose Creek Sports and Recreation Association (NCSRA) is an Alberta not-for-profit society with federal charitable status. The society manages and operates Cardel Place, a leading Calgary regional recreation provider and the Canadian Academy for Healthier Generations, its research and innovation unit.  The organization is on a mission to raise healthier generations in Calgary and beyond.  Cardel Place is a $9 million dollar per year social enterprise with a $65 million capital campaign underway to create an innovative Centre for Healthier Generations.


The organization is governed by a 16-person Board of Directors.  Directors include representatives of NCSRA’s seven Founding Member Organizations and Directors-at-Large elected by its members.  


Governing with a results-oriented governance model, the Board provides oversight and direction to the organization including:

  1. Ensuring the development and implementation of a strategic direction for the organization’s survival and prosperity (organizational sustainability).
  2. Monitoring and evaluating risks, and balancing them against rewards and stakeholder expectations.
  3. Ensuring the organization meets appropriate standards of ethical behavior with consideration of the effect on stakeholders.
  4. Being accountable to employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, regulators and the community.

The Board’s fundamental accountability is to its stakeholders, the citizens and community of Calgary.

The Board works simultaneously to preserve the organization’s core and to stimulate its progress.  Self- identified as BOLD+, the Board continually assesses and questions its structure and revises its processes without jeopardizing the ideals embodied in the organization credo:  its vision, mission and values. 


We are currently seeking influential business leaders with the following skills and experience to fill two Director-at-Large vacancies:

  • Government relations/political advocacy;
  • Visionary, strategic thinkers with ability to take a long-term, external view of business;
  • Strong business acumen, decision-making and communication skills;
  • Governance experience in the not-for-profit or charitable sector;
  • Ambassadors to promote and leverage our healthier generations cause.

A minimum commitment of 10 hours per month and two-year term is expected.

Please forward written expressions of interest, including resume, to Faisal Ali @ faisal@aliis.com until February 27, 2015. 

Interviews will be conducted in February and nominees approved at the NCSRA 2014 AGM on Wednesday, April 22nd, 2015 at Cardel Place.

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