Oct 25, 2018

Meet Your Neighbours!

As the new academic year has begun, September brought about a very exciting initiative at Vivo. As per annual tradition since 2011, Vivo took part in hosting events alongside Alberta’s Culture Days. The AB Culture Days program is designed to showcase local art and culture, while celebrating the diversity within our communities. This year’s Vivo event, Meet Your Neighbours, did exactly that, spanning over two days and introducing several new programming features compared to previous years.

This year’s program engaged over 25 distinct organizations and local artists, with a cross-section of cultures touching on each continent in the world. At the first event, hundreds of youth were treated to an exciting variety show with Malcolm Russell, youth-based magician as the signature act. At the same time, a mini 3 vs. 3 world cup-styled soccer tournament was taking place in Vivo’s blue gymnasium. At its signature event, on Saturday, September 29th, Vivo hosted a large-scale exhibitor fair comprising of different cultural associations. Several of these exhibitors engaged participants through interactive workshops, such as henna, Chinese calligraphy, and African arts & crafts. This was complemented by a continuous live show of different performing groups. In the weeks leading up to the events, two art projects were coordinated, one through Vivo’s design summer camps where kids painted symbols and imagery from their cultural background inside a puzzle, to create a beautiful mosaic in the end. The second art project engaged Vivo’s 8000+ passholders with a world map and prompt to place a red sticker on the map of one’s native background. This initiative served to show how diverse the Vivo family is.

In the end, Culture Days 2018 at Vivo touched more than 2,000 people and was made possible through generous support from the Alberta Government. We hope you had a nice time this year, and we hope to see you next year!

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