Health Expo

Saturday, March 22nd: 11:00AM-3:00PM
Cardel Place (map)

Register for the Healthy Community Challenge in-person on March 22nd. Take advantage of health and wellness knowledge and resources, record your body measurements, sign up and get tracking! You don’t have to do it alone…bring a friend and let the Challenge begin!

What does healthy living mean to you? Cardel Place and local community partners invite you to take part in Calgary’s first Healthy Community Challenge presented by ATB Financial. This at home 90-day challenge (March 24 to June 21) is designed to encourage whole communities to get moving and be healthier in mind, body and spirit through focus on developing positive practices in physical activity, nutrition, hydration, sleep, and social habits.

Healthy living does not have to be overwhelming. Small changes in lifestyle can yield huge results. A few more hours of shut-eye each week, sensible snacking, and a less sedentary routine for example can help achieve physical and mental balance amidst even the busiest schedule. Do what’s right for you, pick one or two things that matter and make them a habit! 

Through the use of a specially designed website, participants in the Challenge are able to track their progress and accumulate points based on their healthy choices. The Healthy Community Challenge tracker also provides on-going information and support through daily video tips and motivational resources.    

Prizes will be awarded at the end of the Challenge for both the community and individual(s) who demonstrate the biggest shift in lifestyle (as indicated by point total), however, the greatest rewards received will not be those that can be counted on paper, but those that can be measured in feeling, outlook and attitude. 

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