Battle City Northwest Throwdown

Saturday, June 28th: 1:00PM-3:00PM
Cardel Place Piazza (map)

Battle City is a NON-PROFIT, YOUTH-FOCUSED, CITY-WIDE BREAKDANCE CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES that brings together all-star teams representing the NE, NW, SE, SW, and Deep South of Calgary, to do battle in a quest to be recognized as the best in the city! This will be the second ever Battle City. Apart from being a battle of epic proportions, Battle City was founded in 2012 with the following goals at its heart:

1. Share positive grassroots hip hop directly with the spread out communities of Calgary.

2. Provide youth with an opportunity to showcase their skills and passion.

3. Connect youth with peers, mentors, their community at large.

4. Boost community pride among Calgarians.

How are the teams selected?

Each area all-star team (NE, NW, SE, SW, Deep South) will consist of 3 COACHES, 7 YOUTH, and 2 WILDCARD picks.

A youth qualifier battle will be held in each area to select their top youth. At each qualifier, the area’s three coaches will judge the battles and select the top dancers for their team. Once all the qualifiiers are completed, THE COACHES WILL HAVE TWO MONTHS TO TRAIN THEIR TEAMS where they will battle each other in a round robin format for the Battle City Cup and ultimate bragging rights!

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