Adult Self Defense Course

Saturday, January 20th: 1:30PM-5:30PM
Play Lab $125 (map)

Each participant will have a quality experience and leave the course feeling more safe, confident, and empowered. You’ll receive tools that are practical, innovative, and based on real life scenarios. Participants will receive the following value and benefits: • Feel better able to discern the warning signs of assault • Identify and understand the effects of their personality & communication style • Develop assertiveness while reducing aggressiveness • Build confidence as well as verbal and physical resistance skills • Understand the law and their legal rights • Added clarity around boundaries and verbal de-escalation techniques • Increased ability to protect themselves and speak and act on their own behalf • Clarification and alignment of values with self-protection and empowerment • Higher level of team unity and enhanced teamwork • Learn to recognize, handle and manage fear and feel more physically competent • Learn to apply prevention and avoidance strategies • Learn and practice over 20 practical self-defence & protection tools and techniques • Immediate practice with a “padded attacker” for real life scenarios in a controlled, safe environment • Expertise of 2 police officers (facilitator & padded attacker) and an executive coach teaching at every course

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