Board of Directors

Vivo is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors who provide the organization with oversight, insight and foresight.

Drawn from a variety of backgrounds, these community leaders share a common interest: our mission of shaping healthier generations.


Courtney Cathcart, Chair
Alec Silenzi, Vice Chair
Michael Lee Hing, Treasurer
Jessie Leighton, Secretary
Donald Mulrain, Past Chair


Shayne Chidlaw
Amanda Davis
Gagan Dhaliwal
Brian Foster
Christiane Job McIntosh
William Nurnberger
Aileen Ong
Argenis Osorio Perez
Alec Silenzi
Jamie Zachary


Cynthia Watson


Heather Bruce
“The opportunity to participate in a meaningful way to effect real change. This is a sophisticated board that works as a high-functioning team that is comfortable with disagreement. This board ticks all the boxes: clear understanding and exercising of the director role; champions and advocates appropriately for the facility; regularly re-visits legal obligations; outstanding leadership from the current President; regular board development through training opportunities.”

Heather Hastie
“Sitting on the Cardel Place (Vivo) board of directors not only allowed me to give back to my community, I also received many positive benefits in return. I had the opportunity to volunteer with community members from many different professions, and I learned a lot from spending time with my fellow directors. I was able to network, increase my business knowledge and learned about leadership. I would recommend sitting on a nonprofit board to anyone who wants real-time, authentic professional development while supporting a cause they believe in.”

Henry Chan
“During the six years I spent as a Director at Large, I was given the opportunity to develop skills in strategic planning, innovative thinking, and board governance. These are skills that continue to benefit me today, both personally and professionally. I was also able to meet and collaborate with a diverse group of individuals who nevertheless had a shared interest in wellness and community. There is no question I was enriched by the experience.”


Faisal Ali
“During my years on this Board, I began to fully appreciate the value of working as a team committed to the principal of Community First! I learned how the impact of the programs and services at Vivo Centre can have a lifelong effect on the physical and mental well being of the individuals and families that use our services. I came away from my Board experience learning a lot more than I thought I ever could—that is what volunteering is all about.”

Christine Tarbox
“I really enjoyed working on the Board for Vivo. The board members and Vivo staff were fantastic and I learned so much. All of the training provided was great and it consistently exceeded expectations. My time on the board was time well spent.”

Gord Otto
“It was a privilege to serve on the NCSRA Board for the better part of a decade of operation. The learning and the opportunity to contribute was special. Vivo’s excellence emerged as a direct consequence of independent governance, and it is an important responsibility to maintain that independence and the bold, forward thinking stewardship that has been the hallmark of the NCSRA Board since inception.”

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