Vivo Re-opening Update

We’re working behind the scenes to understand the Province’s latest re-launch news and determining what that means to re-open the facility. We’re committed to doing what’s right to support our community, employees and Vivo’s long-term health needs. At this time, our facility will remain temporarily closed. 

Key principles driving our decisions on when to re-open the facility:

  • Ensuring empathy to what people need now
  • Being compliant with orders of authorities
  • Implementing best practices to provide high standards of health and safety
  • Delivering exceptional experiences that help people live their best life

In the meantime, we’re supporting our community’s everyday needs through:

  • Virtual Vivo which offers diverse online experiences for fitness and preschool.
  • Vivo Play Project which is co-creating and measuring new solutions of playing with north-central Calgary in their neighbourhoods.
  • Testing ‘modified’ outdoor in-person summer experiences for group fitness, families and kids. (Coming in July)
  • Partners like Panther Sports Medicine, the Public Calgary Library, Good Food Box and Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids Lunch programs.

Stay informed on the latest updates on our website or on social media @vivoyourlife.