Top Vivo Customer FAQs During Our Temporary Closure

We’ll continue to update these FAQs regularly as we hear what’s important to you!

Updated March 31, 2020

Will I be charged for memberships, registered programs or bookings now that Vivo is closed?

On March 16, 2020, Vivo for Healthier Generations paused all memberships due to the temporary closure.  There will be no further fees charged to your Vivo account across memberships, programs or bookings.  Memberships for the March payment came out on March 2nd no further charges will take place after March 16.

With the online opportunities, at this time we are determining what the value would be from the survey results.  If and when we move online, our members will have the opportunity to choose how they would like to proceed.  We do know there will be a cost, we are just determining what this will look like.

Updated March 27, 2020

Will Vivo be renting out fitness equipment?

Due to the closure being mandated by the Local State of Emergency and the Provincial Order, both due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Vivo will not be loaning equipment to use during this time.  We want to ensure all equipment is properly disinfected with electrostatic spray and ready for our guests when we re-open.  We are exploring ways to have our guest’s purchase equipment that we will be replacing in the near future.

Updated March 18, 2020

Have any cases of COVID-19 been confirmed at Vivo?

No. Vivo has had no cases of COVID-19. Alberta Health Services will take the lead in notifying the community when they believe there is reason to be concerned about exposure to COVID-19.

Why did you decide to close Vivo now?

On March 15, 2020, at 8:45 pm, Mayor Nenshi announced that the City was ordering a local state of emergency. The City of Calgary and their Civic Partner recreation centres including Vivo were to close on March 16, 2020, at 12:01 am to the public to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

What happens to my membership now that Vivo is closed?

All memberships are extended automatically for the duration of our closure. If you have special circumstances or requests regarding memberships – please email

What happens if I am currently registered in a program now that Vivo is closed?

All programs and services are cancelled and a pro-rated credit will be placed on your account to use when Vivo re-opens.  If you have special circumstances or requests regarding programs please email

What happens to my booking now that Vivo is closed?

All facility rentals including sport and community groups, company bookings and birthday parties are cancelled and a credit will be on your account to re-book when Vivo re=opens. Groups that have special circumstances or requests regarding their bookings can email

Will Vivo’s onsite partners Panther Sports Medicine, Northern Hills Community Association, Jugo Juice, Skate Doctor and Foothills PCN be closed too?

Yes. The City mandated a facility closure including all services in the building.  Please check these organizations’ websites for further updates.

Our group has equipment stored at Vivo. When can I pick it up?

Please email to arrange a time to pick up your equipment before March 27, 2020.

Will Vivo share resources to support the community’s health during our temporary closure? 

At the moment, Vivo’s focus is to take care of our customers and determine critical business functions, including the assessment of options for what Vivo can offer in the future (ex., online videos, streaming services, renting equipment… etc.).

Thank you for your support of Vivo and your enthusiasm for learning more about healthy lifestyles during this time! Stay tuned for more updates by following @vivoyourlife on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and visiting

Updated March 14, 2020

What do I do if I think someone is ill and should be at home rather than at Vivo?
Please notify a Vivo employee immediately as during this time we’re reserving the right through our Zero Tolerance Policy to ask individuals who are sick to leave the facility to prevent potential further spreading of the illness to their fellow community members. Remember if someone is ill, it doesn’t mean they have COVID-19, best practice is to stay home if you are feeling unwell. If you suspect you may have the COVID-19, we encourage you to call Alberta Health Services 811 for an assessment.

Why are Vivo’s programs and services continuing to run during this pandemic and what is Vivo’s refund policy during this time?
At this time all programs and services are still running as they have not been mandated by Alberta Health Services to close. Should this change with Alberta Health Services, Vivo will enact the next level of our plan in accordance with their directive and communications. Vivo is allowing customers to receive credit for the classes not yet facilitated. This credit can then be used in the future towards any programs and services.

If my family or I have recently travelled or if I have visitors at my house from outside Canada, can we still come to Vivo?
We are asking all travellers who have recently been outside of Canada to consider self-isolating with those in their household for 14 days as per Alberta Health Services’ recommendation as of the evening of March 11, 2020. We ask that you refrain from coming to Vivo during your self-isolation period. Alberta Health Services is asking anyone who recently travelled to self-isolate.

How are we incorporating best practices to keep you safe?
Vivo takes the health of our customers seriously. Please know we have increased our cleaning protocols within our facility. You will also notice a change to programming to ensure partner work is limited and the sharing of equipment is minimized. Vivo is adjusting daily how programs and services are facilitated to promote social distancing practices and healthy habits like smaller class sizes and reducing our public gathering sizes and spaces.

How and when will you decide to close Vivo?
In regards to any facility closure for Vivo, any decision would be made in consultation with or under the direction of Alberta Health Services and Calgary Emergency Management Agency. Vivo is prepared with plans for business interruption and customer support if required. We are committed to sharing updates with customers so they understand everything that is happening and how it affects them.

Will Vivo notify me if a member, guest or staff person of Vivo is asked to self-isolate?
Vivo will not be issuing notices for COVID-19 cases to the public without direct consultation from Alberta Health Services. Alberta Health Services will take the lead in notifying a community about exposure to a case of COVID-19.

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