Summer Experiences at Vivo – FAQ’s

Is Vivo still temporarily closed and when will it re-open?

The facility part of Vivo is still temporarily closed due to a city mandated order during the pandemic on March 16, 2020. However, we have been ‘open’ virtually by engaging with the community every day, launching Virtual Vivo which offers experiences for fitness, preschool (May 25) and summer camps (coming in July) as well as through our Vivo Play Project to co-create, experiment and measure new ways with north central Calgary residents to play in the everyday challenges they face.

Recent provincial authority updates are forecasting our facility to be a part of the Stage 3 re-launching strategy which is targeted for early fall 2020. Stay tuned @vivoyourlife, or for latest updates.      

What if I can’t afford summer camp online services, is there any kind of subsidy available from Vivo?

We want to make any of our Virtual Vivo services as barrier free as possible.

Please email to discuss subsidy options. We recognize everyone has personal circumstances during this time and our staff will work with you to figure out solutions that best suit you or your family’s needs.

What happens to summer bookings since Vivo is closed?

All facility bookings for July and August, including sport and community groups, company bookings, and birthday parties are cancelled and a credit will be on your account to re-book when the facility re-opens. Groups that have special circumstances or requests regarding their bookings can email

Will you refund summer programs I am currently registered in?

For participants already registered in summer programs, we will place a credit on your account during May 19-28.  You can:

  • use your credit on account to register for online camps
  • keep a credit on your account until our facility re-opens to use on a future program
  • donate your credits to our Everyone Plays Campaign.  

For special circumstances please email or to further discuss your personal situation. 

Why is Vivo not offering in person summer camps?

We looked at it from all angles and based on what we know right now, we are making the decision to cancel all in-person registered programs and bookings for July and August. This is really about our authentic commitment to be there for the community’s long-term health in terms of our ability to be empathetic to what people need now, be compliant with orders of authorities, implement best practices to ensure a high standards of health and safety and deliver PLAYFUL experiences that helps you live your best life.   

We’ll be offering virtual based summer camps for kids and families during July and August. Stay tuned for more information in next couple of weeks @vivoyourlife or on how to sign up.

How will you determine what virtual based summer camps look like for 2020?

We truly want to work with you to design unique summer experiences and are curious to know what you value and need from us for both you and your children to play, explore, grow and connect this summer. As a first step, we would love you to share your insights on our Summer Experience Survey.  Next, we’ll be testing with people in June what makes a great summer experience. If you are interested in being a part of co-creating and testing virtual based camps with your kids please email    

What types of virtual based camps offerings could Vivo offer?

We’re gathering insights and exploring offerings like:

  • Kids with Other Kids Camps- kids get to make new friends, create play based experiments and choose adventures to explore and learn together
  • Multiple Family Camps- parents and kids who know each other can join up together for ‘personalized play dates’ experiences  
  • Parent Only Camps – parent’s get a personalized self-care or active experience break during the day from everyday life pressures
  • Pre-recorded ‘camp adventures’ of the day for kids and families to access anytime/anywhere

We would love to get your insights on how we can make great summer experiences for you and your family.  Please take our Summer Experience Survey.  

What are the kinds of virtual based camp themes Vivo may offer?

We’re gathering insights and exploring themes like:

  • Exploring the great nature and outdoors through fun activities
  • Getting active through physical activity challenges and skill builders
  • Creating arts, crafts and building things from your imagination
  • Experimenting with new fun ways to play in your home and backyard
  • Choosing your own adventure to play everyday

We would love to get your insights on how we can make great summer experiences for you and your family.  Please take our Summer Experience Survey.  

How will Vivo’s virtual based camps encourage kids to play, learn and be active versus more screen time? 

We’ll be exploring and figuring out the best ways to test our experiences with you to ensure how we make things interactive so kids are engaging, moving, practicing and sharing actively in ‘real time’ or how they can work on project during their ‘offline’ time and then bring it back to share it with everyone in the camp the next day.   

We would love to get your insights on how we can make great summer experiences for you and your family.  Please take our Summer Experience Survey.  

Why is Vivo charging for its virtual based camp experiences?

We will be charging fees for virtual camps to support Vivo staff in delivering intentional and quality experiences for you and/or your family to exclusively access, use and enjoy. The fees are comparable to other organizations charging for similar services in the market and are more affordable than Vivo’s current facility based camps we would offer.   

What supplies will children require for virtual based camps?

During June, we will be asking and testing with families what kinds of virtual camp experiences you would value and will also work with you to figure out and communicate what supplies you will need this summer. If you have any specific questions please email