Personal And Household Training

The Government of Alberta announced a new “Open For Summer” plan starting June 1, 2021.

Household and One-on-One Personal Training and Lifestyle Packages

Working with a personal trainer is one of the most successful ways to improve health and fitness. Vivo has an experienced and passionate team offering personalized training for any fitness level. The duration of the sessions is one hour in length.

What’s included:

  • Initial Fitness Consultation and Assessment (Complimentary to Members $30 for Non-Members)   
  • 1 hour Fitness Consultation and Assessment to discuss fitness history, goals and game plan. 
  • Ergonomic assessment to understand postural imbalances impeding progress or increasing risk of injury. 
  • Access to Vivo’s personal training platform offering direct connection to your trainer, offering: 
  • One on one coaching 
  • Personalized goal-specific training programs  
  • Weekly training reviews  
  • Fitness Tips 
  • Healthy Recipes 
  • Online training app access for workout tracking and On-Demand workouts 
  • Guaranteed access to equipment 
  • Participation in Vivo’s monthly fitness challenge
PACKAGE TYPE 4 Sessions  8 Sessions 15 Sessions 
ND Student Rate$151.20$304.80$571.50
Non-Member Rates$240
($60 per session)
($55 per session)
($50 per session)
Member Rates*15% Savings$204($51 per session)$374($46.75 per session)$637.50$42.50 per session)
Household Training – Groups of 2 people  
Non-MemberRates$400($100 per session)$720($90 per session)$1200($80 per session)
Member Rates*15% Savings$340($85 per session)$612($76.50 per session)$1,020($68 per session)
Household Training – Groups of 3people  
Non-Member Rates$480($120 per session)$840($105 per session)$1,350($90 per session)
Member Rates*15% Savings$408.00
($102 per session)
($89.25 per session)
$1,147.50 ($76.50 per session)

The more sessions you book, the more you save!! 

Rules & Etiquette  

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times.   Check out how to wear mask while working out here.
  • No gathering with others during your training session. 
  • Spaces are limited to ensure 3 meters required spacing
  • There must be one piece of equipment between you and others at all times.  

 Go to our ‘What is Open’ page for the latest details on all of our programs & services.