Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund

Vivo is pleased to announce a partnership with Jumpstart Sport Relief Fund in supporting our community members with access to great child and youth experiences here at Vivo!  

From now until December 2020, you can enroll your child(ren) from age 4-18 into Vivo’s active, intentional and playful 1-Day or Holiday Camps or our Little Kids Active Learners Preschool Experiences! Requirements are that families enrolling in Camps must participate in 5 scheduled camp days before December 31st, 2020. LKAL Preschool runs until June 2021, and 3- or 2-day options are offered. Subsidy for Preschool from Jumpstart will cover a portion of your fees until December 31st, 2020.  

Opportunity for Youth! Join in our Vivo Youth Club where independence, leadership, community connection and PLAY blend together for an epic time!

For Youth and Camps, connect with Dalyn Dekker at ddekker@vivo.ca

For Preschool, connect with Monica Ryan at mryan@vivo.ca

By providing current CERB, Fair Entry or other related documentation, we will be delighted to get you enrolled and joining the Vivo experience! 


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