Fitness At Home

Vivo At Home Fitness Equipment and Experience Packages

You can now do your favourite fitness classes and with equipment from Vivo in your own home! Choose from Spin, Step Up Bootcamp, Kettle Bell +Core or Bring own your bike.

Do all 3 or pick the ones that suit you best!

ExperienceEquipmentDateNumber of live classesCostDeposit
Spin (Darryl)Spin Bikes Feb 25-  Mar 208$50.00$200.00
Step It Up Bootcamp(Christine or Darryl)Steps/ Weights Feb 22-Friday Mar 198$50.00$200.00
Kettlebell & Core (Naz)Kettlebells & Mats Feb 22-  March 188$50.00$200.00
Spin-Bring your own bikeN/AFeb 25-  Mar 208$50.00NA

Note– For individuals who already have Vivo spin bikes or their own bike at home can enroll in Spin for $50.00. The deposit would not apply. The class dates would be the same.

Packages include:

  • 8 live-stream online group classes with a Vivo Instructor providing coaching, mentoring and progressive skill development opportunities
  • Over 100 on-demand fitness classes to get in an extra workout anytime
  • Spin Bikes or Fitness Equipment like steps, weights, kettlebells and mats for you to pick up or get delivered to you
  • Weekly workout challenges to reach a goal

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