Vivo Alert FAQ’s



The Alberta Government announced their moving back to ‘STEP 1’ of their plan effective midnight April 6, 2021 March 1, 2021.  As part of STEP 1, fitness and recreation facilities can offer specific services only with ‘restrictions’ in place including:

  • One-on-one personal training with a trainer, certified coach or instructor.
  • Youth sport team group rentals for arenas and gymnasiums only (up to a maximum of 10 individuals in group at a time on a playing surface).
  • Schools can book space to do activities related to their Education Program or Physical Education curriculum only.

We continue to work closely with Alberta Health Services to clarify new public health orders and assess and figure out what things mean for Vivo in ‘real’ time. We are committed to sharing any updates of what services are open at the facility during this time.



What services are OPEN at Vivo now? Vivo is offering the following services online, at home and in-person as per the Province’s ‘STEPS’ plans:


One-on-One Personal Training and Lifestyle Packages- Working with a personal trainer is one of the most successful ways to improve health and fitness. Vivo has an experienced and passionate team offering personalized training for any fitness level. Check out the details about Personal Training and Lifestyle Packages and how to start today.


Arenas– Practice and progress your skills on ice. Email to rent and pay at the same time.

School Groups can rent spaces Physical Education and Education curriculum activities only. Email to book.


Little Kids Active Learners Preschool Program still has available spots for September 2021-June 2022. Email for more information.

Outdoor Play Hubs events in the community with the Vivo Play Project.  Check out the upcoming schedule here.


Vivo Members can still access online, LIVE and on demand group fitness classes through their My Wellness App account.  


Are mask coverings now mandatory at all times now at Vivo? Yes. Mask coverings are mandatory and to be worn at all time at Vivo to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19 cases, be prevalent with the arrival of other disease variants, protect and ensure the safety of all of our employees, members, guests and partners, be a partner in supporting the community’s long-term health and well-being and help Vivo in being open, accessible and sustainable as a community asset in north-central Calgary

Note– Vivo employees have the right to invoke our Zero Tolerance Policy and ask you to leave the centre immediately or suspend your access to facility areas, programs and services for demonstrating poor behaviors or not following policies and protocols that have been put into place. 

When am I required to wear a mask during my visit at Vivo?

  • Entering and exiting the facility
  • Walking in all public areas including hallways, lobbies and common areas
  • Changing in locker rooms and using the washrooms
  • During physical activity or while exercising in the fitness centre, gymnasiums and arenas
  • Participation in any indoor and outdoor instructed or facilitated programs and services Note- This includes our preschool program, Little Kids Active Learners which is considered a program running in an indoor public facility designated as having shared space with offices and meeting rooms versus a stand-alone, designated preschool. Children are required to wear masks during when they are in the classroom with other students and teachers. Mask breaks are allowed only during snack time and taking a water break with a 3-meter distancing in place within the classroom.
  • Masks need to be worn by parents that are in the pool with their kids

When are masks NOT required to be worn at Vivo?

  • Children 2 years of age or younger
  • Individuals who are medically unable to wear a mask must provide proof of the exception and wear a face shield for the protection of others.  Contact prior to visiting for specific guidelines.  

Do my children have to wear a mask now during Vivo’s pre-school program?  Yes. Our preschool program Little Kids Active Little Kids Active Learners which is considered a program running an indoor public facility designated as having shared space with offices and meeting rooms versus a stand-alone, designated preschool. Children are required to wear masks during when they are in the classroom with other students and teachers. Mask breaks are allowed only during snack time and taking a water break with a 3-meter distancing in place within the classroom.

Do I need to wear a mask while doing one-on-one or household personal training with a certified, coach or instructor? Yes. During any personal training sessions with certified coaches, instructor or trainers all individuals and/or family household members must wear masks. Exception:  If you are participating in high intensity sport and fitness training, vigorous physical activity or self-activity you musk seek approval from Vivo to remove your mask.

Do I need to wear mask while practicing a sport in the arenas at Vivo? Yes, during any basic physical activity like shooting and passing pucks you are required to wear a mask while on ice. Exception:  If you are participating in high intensity sport or fitness training like running lines or engaged in vigorous physical activity on the ice.  

What are the types of masks or face coverings recommended and permitted at Vivo? To help effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, Vivo recommends employees all individuals to wear the following:

  • Non-medical disposable masks
  • Masks that fit properly (snugly around the chin and nose with no large gaps around the sides of the face)
  • Masks made with breathable fabric (such as cotton)
  • Masks made with tightly woven fabric (i.e., fabrics that do not let light pass through when held up to a light source)
  • Masks with two or three layers
  • Masks with inner filter pockets


If I have a Vivo membership already do I need pay for the rental services you are offering to members during this time? Your membership is ‘paused’ until we have the go ahead from Alberta Health Services to resume drop-in activities and bookings.  This means all rental options for arenas, gyms and fitness centre require payment. Vivo members will receive a discount off their next monthly membership payment for the December 13-31, 2021 closure dates and pre-paid annual memberships will be extended by 19 days once we resume full operations. Email for more information.

If I have questions for Vivo while it is temporarily closed who can I talk to? Guest Services is available to answer any questions at

Will Vivo’s onsite partners be temporarily closed? Northern Hills Community Association and Jugo Juice are temporarily closed. Exceptions: Panther Sports Medicine is open Monday-Friday 7:00am-7pm and Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm (Park and access through the East Entrance).   The Calgary Public Library is now open. Visit their website for all the latest details.

What happens to my membership if Vivo temporarily closes? Your membership will be put on ‘hold’ and will be re-activated when Vivo resumes operations. No fees will be charged to your account during this time. Guest Services will email active members and members on ‘hold’ regarding your membership and when your payments will resume.

What happens with my December membership fee payment I have already paid to Vivo?   Your membership has been put on all ‘hold’ and will be re-activated when operations resume.  When Vivo re-opens we will apply a credit for the December 13-31, 2020 time period towards your membership. Email for information.

What if I want to cancel my membership? Vivo memberships are non-refundable. You can cancel your membership and receive a refund for medical or re-location outside of Calgary. You must provide documentation. If you have personal circumstances call or email        

Can I put my membership on hold? We have a regular hold policy of 3 months for our memberships.  Email to discuss your specific request.

If I have a membership what happens to my account?   Your membership will be re-activated when Vivo operations resume and be extended for the duration of time that Vivo was closed for any major event out of ontrol. (I.e. provincial state of emergency order for a pandemic closing all recreation facilities).Call or email to discuss your specific request. This includes annual pre-paid, one month passes, 3 month and seasonal special offer Student Passes.

What can I do with the credits my account during this temporary closure? Your long term health is our top priority during the pandemic and our temporary closure. Your credit on account is secured for future use towards your membership, program or booking when we re-open or you can choose to donate your credits one-time or become monthly donor at Vivo. If you choose to donate you will receive a charitable tax receipt.  You can learn more and donate here.


Is there anything I need to know about swim or skate lessons before visiting Vivo?  Swim participants need to come ‘ready to swim’ for their lesson before they visit Vivo, parents are required to be in the water with their kids for all Preschool/Swim Kids 1-4 levels and must remain 3 meters apart from the next participant and/or instructor.  For all skate and swim lessons, guardians are only permitted for children 8 years and younger. Additional spectators like grandparents and siblings are not allowed as per local health measures.  Email for more information.

How long is the program credit on my Vivo account valid for?  Any program credits on your account are valid to use until January 31, 2022. 

I am a member and Vivo’s classes are impacted, what can I do? We offer Virtual Vivo as part of your membership where you can access fitness classes that are ‘live’ or ‘on demand’ anytime. Please check out or email for more information.

What happens if I am currently registered in a program? A credit will be placed on your account to use for a future date. Note-We will communicate the start date for the current program session once we understand the potential length of our temporary closure.  If you have special circumstances or requests regarding programs email

Is Vivo’s Preschool Program still running during the temporary closure? Yes. We also have limited spots available for September 2021-June 2022 registration. Email to register or for more information.    

Is Vivo’s Child Care services resuming operations when you re-open?  Child Care services will be closed indefinitely due to the current COVID 19 restrictions and future construction plans starting in 2021.

Is Vivo’s Climbing Wall re-opening? The Climbing Wall will be closed indefinitely due to the current COVID 19 restrictions and future construction plans starting in 2021. Note– For any current participants registered in a program a credit will be placed on your account for future use in another program. Email for further questions.  

What do I do if I was registered in an Aquatic Leadership Re-certification course? Contact the Red Cross or Lifesaving Society directly to understand what information for awards they hold and what an extension could look like for your re-certification. If you have any further questions email    

What happens if I registered for a program using a subsidy? For any program that was supported with a fee subsidy from Kid Sport the participant will have a non-refundable credit placed on their account to use for a similar program at a future date. Note– The credit on account may only be used by the original program participant and cannot be applied or redeemed to other family members living in the household.   Email for further information.


What kinds of activities can I do now in the fitness centre? You can book a personal training session one-one-one with a certified trainer. View our re-configured Fitness Centre to provide you better experience. Email for information or to book.

What kinds of activities can I rent and do now the gymnasiums? Vivo members can book the gymnasium for a one-one-one personal training session for badminton or basketball with a certified coach, trainer or instructor. Email to rent and pay at the same time.

What kinds of activities can I do now in the arenas? Vivo members and the community can rent ice to practice their skills and talents. Rentals are one hour in duration. Email to rent and pay at the same time.

How do I access my rental for the fitness centre, gym or Arena now at Vivo?

Identification is required-All individuals participating must show proof of identity at check in time.

Park and access at the West Entrance for school groups.

Park and access the East Entrance for all rentals, personal training sessions and Panther Sports Medicine Clients.

What if I need to cancel my arena, gym or fitness centre rental?  If you can’t make your rental, please notify us at least 12 hours before it starts. Note-If you feel ill within 12 hours of your rental, email to cancel.

What if I do not show up for my fitness centre, gym or arena rental? You need to be checked in for your rental within 30 minutes of the start time. If you do not show up, we will cancel your rental.

What happens to my booking during Vivo’s temporary closure?  A credit will be placed on your account to re-book when the facility re- opens. Groups that have special circumstances or requests regarding their bookings can email

If our sport or user group has equipment stored at Vivo, how can I pick up equipment? Email to arrange a time to pick up your equipment.


Is Virtual Vivo still be available to members during the temporary closure?   Yes. Virtual Vivo is being offered to our members so they can participate in Live or Pre-recorded classes through the My Wellness App anytime. If you are not a current member of Vivo but are interested in signing up to use Virtual Vivo email    Here is the latest Virtual Vivo Live Class Schedule. 

How far in advance can I pre-book my LIVE online Fitness Class?  

The Vivo/Technogym MyWellness app enables you to book a spot 72 hours in advance for a Live Stream Group Fitness Class. Check for tips and video tutorials or email if you have any issues booking your classes. Here is the latest Virtual Vivo Live Class Schedule. 


What is happening with Vivo’s Play Project events and Play Hub locations as per the latest Alberta Government Orders?  The Vivo Play Project is starting back up in-person programming at Play Hubs. Check out the upcoming schedule here.


What is Vivo doing about controlling airflow? We have been intentional with the removal of fans to ensure we follow Alberta Health requirements as fans are known to aid in the spreading of COVID. 

Our Operations Team has the air handling set up so we are using 0% return air and pulling fresh outside air in at 100% . All air handling filters have been changed so we are at maximum air flow.

What measures has Vivo put in place to create positive and healthy experiences?  

  • Online Pre-screen Health Assessment tool for people to complete prior to accessing the facility.
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols for staff, spaces and experiences.
  • Additional hand sanitization stations in all areas of the facility.
  • Physical distancing measures including signage, floor decals and markings.
  • Directional and designated pathways to control the flow of people throughout the entire facility.
  • Reduced People Capacity at one time by using a Pre-Book Your Spot system.
  • Plexi-Glass barriers at Guest Services, Fitness and Climbing Desks.
  • Equipment Usage time limits.
  • Removal of difficult to clean and non-essential equipment.
  • Removal of lobby seating in all public areas.
  • Removal of fans.

What can I do to help Vivo stay safe and healthy?

  • Staying or going home if you are sick.
  • Using the Designated Pathways.
  • Practicing thorough HAND HYGIENE and avoid touching your face.
  • Practicing PHYSICAL DISTANCING of 3m.
  • Practicing sneeze and cough etiquette.
  • Cleaning all surfaces touched during your visit.
  • Using cashless forms of payment where possible. (Cash at Vivo is still accepted)
  • Visiting Health Canada’s website or calling 811 if you are not feeling well.
  • Supporting and upholding Vivo’s new protocols and ways of doings things with staff in the facility.
  • Masks are mandatory and to be worn at all times.

(Note-Vivo staff have the right to invoke a Zero Tolerance Policy and ask any guests to leave the facility immediately for demonstrating poor behaviours or not following protocols that have been put into place). 

What enhanced cleaning protocols has Vivo put in place? We have implemented the following additional cleaning protocols aligned with Health Canada guidelines:

  • Frequent and documented sanitization of all areas of the facility especially those with high touchpoint surfaces. 
  • Full and deep clean of all high touch point facility areas and electrostatic spray and fogger cleaning overnight.
  • Use of hospital grade cleaning and disinfectants on all surfaces.
  • Staff training and implementation of disinfection protocols and practices in each specific area as well as with every experience offering.
  • Fitness Centre Zones will be closed for 30 minutes between bookings to sanitize.
  • Equipment will have green and red signs. Green indicates the machine is fully sanitized, red means the equipment will be sanitized shortly.

Will I have to sign a waiver to access Vivo? We are requiring all people using the facility to sign a one-time participation waiver so you have a clear understanding of the various risks of participating in any experiences at Vivo. You can Sign the Waiver ahead of time before your first visit with Vivo!

Will I have to do a Health Pre-Screen Check before coming to Vivo? All guests and staff using Vivo are required to complete a pre-screen health check prior to accessing the facility every visit which includes three questions. The data is secure and won’t be collected or shared.    The Health Pre-Screening helps you and your group determine if it is safe to be at Vivo. Complete the Health Pre-Screen before you visit Vivo!

What if I don’t want to wear a mask? As per the City’s Bylaw 26M2020- ‘All persons must wear a face covering in indoor public premises and in public vehicles.’ Masks must be worn for the duration of your visit at Vivo UNLESS you are participating in fitness activities or meet the ‘Exceptions’ outlined in the Bylaw. Wearing a mask also supports your fellow community members, and Vivo’s staff long term health and sustainability. Note-Vivo staff have the right to invoke a Zero Tolerance Policy and ask any customers to leave the facility immediately for demonstrating poor behaviors or not wanting to follow any protocols that have been put into place.